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Soundbyte: the fifth byte (April 2013)

Just another day at the office…

The sudden appearance of a familiar man causes SSA Ellie Conway to question her husband’s death and she’s not the only one with questions.
Meanwhile, Ellie is tormented by a song that seems to be everywhere and tied to the murder of a renowned jeweler and most of his family. When the sister of the NCIS Director is abducted from her home and it becomes known she is linked to the dead jeweler - the messy case takes a frightening turn. No one is who they claim to be and Ellie suspects CIA involvement, but to what end?
It becomes a race against time to prove her theory and find the woman.

SSA Conway emerges from a tequila-filled haze to rejoin Delta A. While investigating a strangling case with bizarre components, she finds herself trying to keep SSA Davenport alive, uncovers a terrifying situation involving fissile material brought about by a rogue agent, discovers an indiscretion by Rowan Grange, and reconnects with an old friend. 

Databyte: the sixth byte (June 13, 2014)

Ellie has had better days and none of them started with her being on the run from the FBI with an actor. She discovers that protecting the actor from a stalker might be the easiest part of the week and if she can't clear her name before the FBI catch her then life as she knows it will end. 

When information becomes misinformation how much of what you see should you believe?

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