killerbyte and terrorbyte

KILLERBYTE by Cat Connor
(Book one in the Ellie Conway series)

With a new and exciting voice, Cat Connor introduces Ellie Conway, an FBI Agent who challenges the rules with her attitude and her sense of the ridiculous in Killerbyte – a serial murder case connected with Ellie’s internet poetry chat room. With a litter of bodies ‘presented’ in unexpected places, Killerbyte is a provocatively bizarre and entertaining dance.  Ellie, with the aid of Mac Connelly, must track down a seemingly motiveless and ghost-like murderer, who defies detection. 

Published by Rebel E Publishers. 

eBook ISBN#: 978-0-9814256-2-7
Tree Book ISBN#: 978-0-9814256-9-6 

TERRORBYTE by Cat Connor
Book two Byte series. (An Ellie Conway thriller.)

Ellie Conway is back: wisecracking, kicking ass and using her psycho-prophetic talents to grapple with a murderer with ulterior motives, secreted behind a series of grotesque crimes.

Published by Rebel E Publishers.

eBook ISBN#: 978-0-9814256-3-4
Tree Book ISBN#:  978-0-9869731-4-7

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