Monday, July 16, 2018

Images and secrets

There is no better reason to mess about with stuff, than because I can. Really, there is not.

So this morning I posted two photos. They were identical. The files were not.

So here's another photo. Let's try this again shall we? The photos are identical but the files are not.

And two:

Now if you download these images and upload one of them to this website: Steganography Online
and hit decode you should be able to see a message.

It works when I do it, but does it work when the file is uploaded and then downloaded again?
Guess you'll need to try and see.


Let me know what I said in the image.

I used to use OpenPuff for this kind of thing but it's not Mac friendly so have resorted to trying out a few online Steganography tools to find something I can use.

Get your geek on. :)

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Richard Thomas said...

This is a test. Can you read this? What does it say on my cup?

I see you...

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