Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Byte series status code

Yesterday I created a Status update code based on the Byte Series. You're welcome. :)

Killerbyte = 
A little bit worried about things out of my control.
Terrorbyte = 
Horrified at how people treat each other - not the happiest
Exacerbyte =
Definitely improving but shaky as fuck.
Flashbyte = 
Thinking about the past a lot at the moment not such a bad thing. Some of it’s good.
Soundbyte = 
diamonds actually do fix everything and are handy as currency.
Snakebyte = 
Tequila is our friend let’s embrace it and get rid of the garbage in life.
Databyte = 
There is way too much going on at the moment. Back up that data. 
Eraserbyte = 
Not erasing stuff but learning to live with it could be the answer.
Psychobyte = 
Lot’s of potential ahead or I’m about to become a psychokiller.
Metabyte = 
There’s a fucking good team around me. Trying super hard to embrace that. 
Qubyte = 
Looking for the silver lining. 
Cryptobyte = 
anyone’s guess.
Array = 
scattered in all directions but hauling it back in.
Torrent = 
Sometimes you just have to let the shit wash over you.
 Lost Highway (Byte series vol 1) = 
Time for a road trip or to jump on a plane ...
Come a little bit closer (Byte series vol 2) = 
well that didn’t go as planned.
Heard it through the grapevine (Byte series vol 3) = 
life can be confusing as fuck
Some Nights = 
duck and cover.

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