Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Okay so I'm home

For those of you keeping track, I've been home a week, exactly.

Can't say I'm delighted to be here but I can't say I'm not either. Hard living with one foot out the door sometimes. :)

I very much enjoyed my time in Perth with my wonderful Knight. Got a lot of writing done - could've done more but I wasn't just there to write. I was there to spend valuable quality time with my Knight. Ticked that box and then some. We always have fun together. Always have and I imagine always will. And now the countdown until we're together again starts in earnest all over again. It's how we roll. And it's very much worth it!

So, I'm back.
Last week I spoke to the 60's Up club in Silverstream about writing, the byte series, our bookshop and so forth. That was fantastic.

Today I spoke to year 11's at Heretaunga College about creative writing and what I do, and research and whatnot. They seemed to enjoy my research stories. Imagine that?

Thursday I'm speaking to year 12's (I think) at Heretaunga College. Will decide which video they get later. Have a few choices ... about 13 I think sitting on my Daffy duck flash drive! :)

(I bet none of you were surprised I have a Daffy Duck flash drive.)

What else?
Hmmm, might be some more Rebel interrogations soonish. Just waiting to hear from a couple of them.

Cryptobyte is coming along nicely.
Qubyte is with my publisher and I'm just waiting on the contract. It was accepted a while ago.

While the Director of the FBI fights for her life in hospital, SSA Iverson digs into the truth behind the accident and comes across outlaw motorcycle clubs, illegal drugs, and a lethal virus.  (release TBA)

Asked for help to find a missing family, SAC Iverson uncovers a swathe of similar disappearances across the country. (WIP)

Heretaunga College Library:
Taken by my Hostile Assistant

Taken by my Hostile Assistant

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