Monday, April 9, 2018

I do like Mondays.

So I'm sitting here using my MacBook on the kitchen bench playing Bon Jovi while I think about writing. 

Some of you know that I'm writing the 11th-byte novel. 
I know, right, 11! How'd we get here?
Buggered if I know. :)

Anyway, I'm writing Cryptobyte. Sounds like a book full of secrets and that's what it is. I have a firm first chapter. Which is nice and more like my old self. The last two books ended up with different first chapters than I originally intended, so now I'm back on track and it's great.

There isn't much of this book that I can share so far - simply because it gives away too much of Qubyte and we don't want that, do we?

I can share this though:

These are RAW words and as always copyright Cat Connor 2018. (Don't be that dick, okay?)

Chapter One:
John, I’m only Dancing.

I looked up before he knocked on my open door. My smile was real. His hand paused in mid-air as he returned my smile. Somewhere deep in my brain I heard David Bowie’s, John, I’m only dancing. 
“Hey, what are you doing in town?” I said, waving him in. 
“Promo gig. Thought I’d come say hello.” He stood in the middle of my office and turned slowly. “This is nice. Corner office. Fancy new nameplate on the door.”
It was the same as the last nameplate but with a different designation. Shit happens. Things change.
“I take it Lee let you in. Have a seat, Mike.” I closed the laptop in front of me and giving him my undivided attention. 
He lowered himself into a chair opposite me. “How is it every time I see you, you look more incredible than the last time?”
“Smooth as ever,” I said with a laugh. “You coming by the house while you’re in town?”
“Sure. Dinner would be good, I hear Mitch can cook.”
I arched an eyebrow at him. “Smartass.”

Pretty fun having Mike back in the line up even if it's just a visit. 

In other news ...
This was our yesterday in Dwellingup. We felt a bit like we'd been ridden hard and put away wet last night!

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