Monday, March 19, 2018

Trade Show tomorrow

Hi, how are you?

Sorry I meant to be here earlier. 
PopUp Business School is kicking my already tired ass. Not an excuse, just how it is. 

But I'm here briefly, so, how are you?
What's happening in your world?
What are you doing this week?

I'm still at PopUp Business School - it's intense and making it relevant for me as an author who has a publisher is tricky sometimes. For example the website thing, I have one (you all know that, right?), and I have stuff I need to have on their because I have a publisher. There contractual obligations around my website and content. And things that just simply are not smart to have on there.
Like, for example, you're not going to find my address on my website. I'm not prepared to put mine or my kid's safety in jeopardy. I write thrillers I don't wanna be in one. :)

I know you saw the header for this post, because here you are reading it.

Trade show tomorrow: 

I will be there and Caro will be there. We are sharing a stand, so it'll be the bookshop on one side and me on the other. 

Awesome, right?

Come along and talk to me about what I do, come along and see what other people in Upper Hutt are doing. We're pretty amazing and we're diverse as all hell. 

I will have some books there but NOT for sale. I can sell you eBooks I don't have Tree Books available, and environmentally I'd prefer you to read my books in e formats. Although Rebel does use a POD model which is eco-friendly, it's still ink and trees and mileage. In fact, the mileage is huge, so, think e not tree!

I can show you kindle versions and iBook (ePub) and really it's a good way to go. FYI they're cheaper than a decent coffee, so, I can't see a downside!

Also, the boxed sets (which I highly recommend) are only available in e formats.

So that's me kids!
Busy as.

Also working on Cryptobyte - which I am having fun with. A friend and I were playing with a story idea which now looks like it will wind into Cryptobyte beautifully. So that's adding to my fun. 

And you?

If you're still here and like apocalyptic fiction check out D Krauss  
Partholon is one of my favorites in that genre. Hard not to like a grumpy old bugger who writes like he does. :) Also, an excellent horror writer. 
Check out his website. dusty skull 

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