Thursday, February 22, 2018

The week of a thousand ideas

I'm sure I have had a thousand blog ideas this week and now it's Thursday and I can recall none of them, except that they were great.
Typical really.

So, what have you been doing for the last few weeks? (Yes, it might have been that long. Oops.)

I've been busy.

Qubyte was accepted by Rebel ePublishers. It will be the 10th-byte novel. Yay.

I tried to have a bit of a break and pretty much failed.
Then I tweaked some of the scenes in Qubyte and sent it back to my wonderful editor. Eventually, the fun of edits will begin.

And ... I taped an episode of the Break it Down Show. (I know, right?) That was heaps of fun. Pete and Jon are awesome. You should immediately subscribe and Pete has a Youtube channel too.
And ... Pete made me an everipedia page.
Pretty excited about that!!

And then ... I started the 11th-byte novel. Didn't think I was going to start that so soon, but, I have. It's called Cryptobyte. So, you know, there are a few things going on in it already and I'm just about finished Chapter two. I'm liking it. There's so much I can't talk about with this one though because you don't know about Qubyte properly yet and I don't want to drop any spoilers and that will happen if I say anything about the first chapter of Cryptobyte.

TGW turned 19 today.

It's 7 years today since the 2011 Christchurch earthquake. We don't talk about it in our house because it's TGW's birthday.

I whipped up a cake after work so TGW would have cake today - she wasn't going to because she's having a party on Saturday night and is having a fancy cake then.
(I guess during the party me and ActorKid will hide out in my room and watch Netflix.)

Oh yeah, ActorKid was asked to do a self-taped intro for a part in a short film which hopefully got to the casting director.
Fingers crossed she gets an actual audition next month.

I think that's about all.

Been a good few weeks.

This time in 6 weeks I'll be in Perth with my wonderful boyfriend. Yee ha!

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