Thursday, January 11, 2018

The title is all wrong ...

Having reached over 70K in the new Byte book I now know that the title doesn't fit. It fits what it was supposed to be - the final book in the series. But this is not the final books because there needs to be another two after this one to complete the 4 boxed sets.
Yes, that is the reason.
No, I'm not kidding.

So, I need a new logline, a new title, a new quote.

I didn't sleep very well last night - bit annoying, I was rather relying on my subconscious to drag up a title! It did not. Subconscious fail.

The quote won't be that hard to find. If only the title would come that easily.
The quote was actually pretty easy to find. I went to TS Elliot and there is was.

The thing is it's such a familiar quote I might have to check I haven't used it before! :)

So, that part is done.

New logline next ... yeah, not so easy because the blurb I wrote when I was maybe 1 chapter in (by the first chapter that appears in the back of METABYTE is not, it's chapter 11 ... sometimes the story doesn't show itself at the right place.

Anyway - the preview chapter at the end of METABYTE has the wrong name, the wrong quote attached and isn't the first chapter. So, you know, I fucked that up.

Shit happens. Moving on.

Crashbyte will happen - it will be the final book. That's just not THIS book.

This book is about Cait O'Hare's life and the beginning of a global threat. It's a juggling act. It's Delta trying to abide by new rules that potentially endanger thousands of lives.
I'll mess around with words later and come up with my logline and a blurb and then I'll finish this story.

I'm reading it at the moment, I need to make sure I covered everything and now that I know where this is kinda going, I want to make sure I set it up so you don't see it coming. I think I did, but, let us make sure.

Hope you're all enjoying 2018 so far.

I'll be sure to let you know when I find a title.

But here's cuteness:

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