Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Quick catch up!

Do with it what you will. :)

Y'all know about the 10th Byte novel and that the name change, right? Actually, the game changed, so the name had to change too.

So Qubyte ...

Wanna know what it's all about?

Really quickly it's this:

An FBI agent hunting the Unsub who murdered her Director discovers a link between the murder, acts of bioterrorism, and an outlaw motorcycle club. She needs to wrap up the murder investigation before the pathogen takes hold.

SSA Ellie Iverson joins SSA Kurt Henderson at the bedside of their Director as she fights for life. Vowing to find the person responsible Ellie and Delta A dig deep and risk everything, and uncover acts of bioterrorism which threaten the population.

What if an FBI agent investigating the murder of her Director (and friend) uncovers a bioterrorism attack and needs to find the killer before the pathogen takes hold?

or even:

Rules to live by: Don’t pet the monkey, don’t kill the Director, don’t drink the water.

When The Director of the FBI dies all Delta A know for sure is that it wasn’t an accident.

Sometimes people go to extraordinary lengths to conceal their true self.

In other news ...
Summer is awesome. Been a few years since we've had summer here in NZ, so loving this!

Y'all know I'm a big fan of the Break It Down Show ... head over and have a listen, I guarantee you'll find a conversation that really resonates or fascinates or both.

At the moment there is a poll running on Facebook - to help me choose the next title for a new Byte Short. Pop over and vote.

I was wandering around my website last night and I realized I still haven't put up the playlists for Psychobyte or Metabyte ... I'll get on it. I will.
Also moved some stuff around over there and changed some photos. Updated the animals. Because Romeo (the greyhound) and Missy (the grey cat) were joined by Timmy and Bucky (the ginger guineapigs) last autumn.
Romeo still won't look directly at them. Missy has been steadily desensitizing them to her so she can make her move. The good thing is the little guinea piggies are now fairly big and can give Missy a run for her money.
The animals bring me great joy. They just do. I think it's all about the hijinx and shenanigans. :)

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