Saturday, January 13, 2018

New title, tequila, Saturday, and a glorious 27 degrees

* 27 degrees Celcius which is 80 degrees Fahrenheit for you Americans, why oh why do you insist on using Fahrenheit?

Title crisis is averted after hours of searching and zero 'hilarious' comments from the cheap seats (thank you for that).
Crashbyte will be a book - just not this book.
This book is Qubyte.
Enough said.

Turns out the tequila Admin One made is shit lot stronger than Jose, Pepe, or Sierra ... yep. I don't know if that's a good thing. I do know that after two cowgirl dreams I'm pretty smashed and that's highly unusual.

Moving on.

Apparently, my typing sounds like someone eating chippies - via Facetime. I know, weird, but that is what I learned last night.
Blackout asked what the noise was, was I eating chips?
Geoff replied, "she's typing, that's what fast typing sounds like." hahaha
Didn't realize I typed fast, but then when I thought about it, of course, I do. If I used the one-finger hunt and peck method I'd still be writing the first Byte novel not the 10th. :)
It amused me, greatly.

I'm writing, it's going quite well, I'm at that place where I'm going over the story thus far making sure that all the things I think are there, are there before I finish it off. Handy to make sure it's all heading toward a resolution before trying to write one.
Close enough to the end now to make this part really exciting, I know it's coming, I'm fairly confident everyone I have left in Delta A will make it. (See what I did there?)
But right now where we are at in this story - it's tricky. Lot of moving parts and potential traps, and there's a scene that needs to happen I don't exactly know how to do it, or I didn't. Right up until I typed that and now I do. Ha, fantastic.
Let's just say something happened which means Ellie and Dane (remember him?) cannot go back to the team and cannot conduct interviews they need to conduct in person. But I got it now. Guess I'll be writing later then!

Today looked like this:
 1. Woke up with Geoffrey bear before 7. Decided Geoffrey bear isn't as much fun as waking up with real Geoff. Sighed a lot then remembered to be very grateful that we had the whole of December together and it won't be that long before we're together again. It just seems it!
2. Got all the washing done and out, then wrote for a bit.
3. Baked two cakes while listening to Scott Huesing on The Break it Down Show. (The Break it Down Show is one of my favorite podcasts, well worth popping over and browsing the extensive interviews.)
4. Wrote a bit.
5. Read some more of Danger Close by Dave Hayward. - There will be an entire post about this book and about Point of the Spear when I've finished reading Danger Close.
6. Vacuumed, did dishes, brought the washing in. (The secret life of authors.)
7. Wrote some more.
8. Went for a walk.
9. Said yes to watching Grandson2 and Grandson3 for a few hours tonight.
10. Made dinner.
11. Made pavlova - because pavlova is the best thing ever.
12. Read some more.
13. Watched Grace and Frankie is preparation for the new season starting soon on Netflix.

I should probably do some more terribly secret author things like ... fold the washing and put it away.

All go here.


Oh yeah ... Ngaio Marsh Best Crime Novel Awards 2018,  coming up fast and yes Metabyte will be in the lineup.
Looking forward to more Murder in the Library events this year. They're a lot of fun.

And I was asked to take part in A Kiwi Summer Beach Party - on Jan 24th. I received my info pack and really need to read it and get it all set up so that the whole things is easy peasy.

In my whole like I have never spelled received right the first time. Never. Damn you i before e except in every word I want to write!

Some raw words for you from Qubyte:

Battle noises broke the calm of Sean’s living room. Hooves thundered. Shots rang. My brain skittered sideways into a civil war reenactment then bounced back with force as reality hit me. The fight was close. The horse was panicked and looking for shelter. I took a breath. Isabella pulled away from the bottle. She was done. I put it on the floor and lifted her up. Patting her back I stood. She burped. Mitch held his free hand out to me. Cradling Isabella in my arms I bent and kissed Mitch. 
“I need to be out there,” I whispered.
“I know. Give her here.”
“Will you be all right?”
“Of course. We’ll be fine.” He smiled. “We’re safe here El. You go do your thing.”
Kurt’s voice rang out from somewhere to my left. I smiled at Mitch and followed the sound of Kurt’s voice. Argo walked next to me until I got to the hall doorway. 
“Stay with Mitch,” I said, patting his head. “Guard.”

Argo spun around, his tail wrapped around my leg as he moved. I watched for a second. He paced the edges of the room then sat on the floor next to Mitch. I breathed. Argo would do his best to keep them safe. 
today I managed to get a decent photo of the new diamond ring. winning!

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