Sunday, November 5, 2017

Wandering in words

For the last week, my writing group (WPWG) has been doing a 1k a day challenge. It runs until Nov 18 and it's proven to be hugely motivational. Who knew?

I did. :)

I wouldn't have suggested it if I didn't think it would motivate everyone to achieve words on paper.

It's helped me because there are 8 of us doing it, so I'm, not plowing on by myself (as I usually do).

It's been a busy weekend so I haven't achieved much more than the minimum word count - but that's okay because it's (a bit over) 2000 words and they're words I wouldn't have had otherwise. Every word helps move this story forward.
I need to get this story finished and this is a great way to make real progress.

I've had to do some reading today - I lost a notebook somewhere along the way and it was the one with some vital info about the story. Typical really.
Reading it is then. Need to make sure I'm saying what I think I'm saying and that I said what I thought I said. And that the story is unfolding the way Ellie said it would.
Ah, such joy.

Someone told me I made a reader cry the other day.
Gotta love that.
I hope I also made that reader laugh at some point. :)
It is awesome to elicit an emotional response from a reader no matter what the response may be.
That's a writer win, right there.

Right now I'm thirsty, so I shall leave this here and go get a glass of water!

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