Sunday, November 26, 2017

My year ...

This year has been tough. Probably the hardest year I've had so far.

I'm ever hopeful that next year will be better.
My hope is that sales will increase both of my books and at the bookshop - one day the shop might even be able to support us taking wages! That would be the ultimate.
Right now - that's not even on the horizon.
Which effectively makes Caro and I volunteers but without us there is no shop, so, it's a bit of a catch 22 situation.

As lucky as I feel to be able to work in the bookshop and support kiwi authors, it'd be really nice to be able to pay bills and feed ActorKid without constant worry about whether or not we'll make it through the month. Out of the ordinary things are impossible to manage right now. There is nothing to fall back on anymore because savings were sucked up by living this year.
Thank you, NZ for making sure kids under 13 get free healthcare! Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to get ActorKid asthma and antihistamine medication that she requires daily.

Actorkid had her uniform fleecy stolen from her classroom (from a shelf above her bag) at the beginning of the winter term. I can't replace it. Fergusson Intermediate doesn't care that there is a thief in her class - prior to the fleecy being stolen, her uniform shirt and shorts were taken from her bag. She wears her one remaining shirt and a pair of second-hand shorts the school gave her. It angers me so much. Her uniform was brand new.
She also had teachers tell her to take her non-uniform hoodie off constantly - even though she had a note, even though they all knew hers was stolen, even though it was winter. I've been waiting two weeks to hear back from the new principal and Actorkid has been waiting two weeks for her class teacher to replace a mechanical pencil that was - you guessed it- stolen from Actorkids desk.
And to think Fergusson Intermediate used to be a fantastic school that cared about its students.
Disappointing. So disappointing.

We wouldn't be having Christmas this year if I wasn't creative, crafty, up for learning new stuff, and hadn't spent a month in Perth with My Knight during the winter. While I was away I made everyone's Christmas presents. This year it's very much 'If I can't make it, you won't get it' and that's fine, because people have too much stuff anyway. :)

How lucky am I that I got to spend a couple of weeks in January and a month in winter with My Knight in Perth? So very lucky! And super grateful that he can make that happen and I get a break. Without him this year would've been so much worse. My Knight is my beacon and he gives me something to look forward too, always.
Right now, this minute, it's 7 days until he'll be here and I can't wait. It's been a long 3 months. 😍😁💋
But you know what? The bills are paid, there's baking in the tins for ActorKids school lunches, we have a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs, and shoes on our feet.
My sneakers only have to last another week. Once My Knight is here I won't need to walk 8km a day to the bookshop and back for a month. :)

I'm not a hundred percent sure how we survived this year, but we have, so far.
So yay!

The part of my year that wasn't consumed by worry and concern over bills or unexpected expenses was spent trying to write. Being a writer means I have to write. Can't be a writer and not write!

Metabyte was released on October 1st.
I wrote 3 long short stories for 3 boxed sets.
The first boxed set was released on October 31st.
The second is due for release on Dec 31st/New Years day.
I wrote a long short story called 'Dead Flowers' it's SSA Sam Jackson's story.
I've been fucking around trying to finish Crashbyte (the 10th Byte novel) for at least 8mths and finding it very difficult to 1. Write and 2. Concentrate.
I'm only halfway through the initial writing process. It's pretty painful.

December is bringing a good measure of joy.
My eldest daughter's engagement party is on Saturday night. (Thankfully Daugther 4 had a dress I could wear - and it's awesome, and I'm very much looking forward to getting photos of me, daughter 1, daughter 4 and daughter 5 - all dressed up!)
My Knight arrives on Sunday night. Hooray!
ActorKid turns 12 on the 5th!!
My dad's birthday is on the 7th.
The Metabyte launch celebration is at 7PM on Dec 8th at Upper Hutt Library - should be wonderful and lots of fun - and the cake, don't forget the cake! Friends are coming up from CHCH and my dad is coming up from Marlborough - exciting.
Then it's my birthday. We might be in Mahau for that, I don't know yet. If I'm lucky I'll get to have my birthday at home in Mahau with My Knight and my dad!

So it's not all bad. It's just been hard, that's all. There's plenty of good stuff in our year and plenty of love - the only thing we're short of is money. hahaha

I've watched my books on the shelves in the shop, they do sell, but unfortunately, once they're gone, they're gone. This year I couldn't replenish the stock. Having books printed or bringing stock in from the USA isn't even a thing on my radar. One day it will be again. When sales pick up and I start getting decent royalties then I can look at bringing in my books. :)

PS: If you got this far - well done you!

Leave a comment if you'd like a copy of 'Dead Flowers' - ePub only. :)

ePub only.

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