Monday, November 6, 2017

Monday: we're all about it.

I woke tired.

It's not fun waking tired. But you know what? Waking is a good thing.

An early email from my publisher was interesting ... I needed to wade through Shutterstock and find some images I liked for the second boxed set. It was both frustrating and fun.
Frustrating because searching for something isn't always that easy, you have to know what other people might call things. (You have to know what you want!)
Think it took over an hour, to work out what I actually wanted. Then I needed to came up with some choices. And finally, narrow it to two or three I really liked. I found two I couldn't choose between.

This evening my publisher emailed me mockups of both images.

You'll see soon enough which we've decided on.

I can tell you there is no weapon on this cover and no butterfly or dragonfly. It's something that to me speaks of the three books included and the short story. Yes, that's right, another brand new story. This short is called 'Come a little bit closer'.
Yes, I do love the song which is why I used it.
The short follows closely after DATABYTE,  and brings back a character I enjoyed writing, very much.

So, exciting, the second boxed set is all ready to go apparently, just waiting on the final cover. I'll make a video once I've got that cover. I do enjoy playing with videos.
So much that I'm teaching a video creation class next Thursday night. (If you're interested and live in the Wellington region go here and check it out.)
It'll be a fun evening.

In other news: there is none.

Yeah, that's not true.

I'm writing. Steadily. Which is great. Feeling like I'm making progress at long last. Go team, Connor!
The 1k a day challenge is great and my writing group is embracing it like the champions they are.

It's 29 days until Daughter #5 turns 12.
It's 27 days until My Knight arrives home.
It's 26 days until Daughter #1's engagement party to soon-to-be Son-in-law #1.

Thank you for turning off adblocker for my page and clicking on one of the ads.
(Every little bit helps me put food on the table and shoes on the kid.)

Video anyone?
They really are fun to make.

 Dear America,
The violence after violence is too much to get my head around. I don't even think the outrage is happening anymore. It's just another shit day in the USA.
Seems like every time the news comes on there is something else, something that a couple of years ago would've shocked me to the core, now I change the channel. Today I kinda heard something had happened and I knew it was Texas. But it took all day before I felt I needed to get some details, now I know but it makes no difference. There is numbness and there is an inability to grasp how this keeps happening.
 I feel the constant barrage of horror and killing has cheapened life.
Please stop acting like dicks to each other.

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