Thursday, October 12, 2017

Time sure does disappear!

I just realized I hadn't written a post in over a week!

So sorry. :)

It's not that I haven't had plenty to say - it's that I haven't had time to say it.  It happens.

Metabyte is definitely a thing now. It's been a pretty quiet 12 days since it's launch though - when it comes to hearing from readers, that is. (If you click on the title of the book at the beginning of this paragraph you will find it is a universal link that will take you to your preferred Amazon site.)

I've been working on creating video content for Facebook and Instagram etc. It's so much fun. I've finally kinda written notes pertaining to creating content that will be shared with our authors at the bookshop soonish.
The notes need a bit of work and I need to think about how best to go about sharing the process with others. I'll figure it out.

I am writing.
Still working my way through the writing process of Crashbyte. There are an awful lot of moving parts in this story, and very few want to cooperate. I got two doing what they're supposed to so there is hope. I really need time and fewer interruptions to enable this to happen.

This week started with two grandsons staying for three nights, and Actor Kid getting smacked in the head by a Sky Surfer at the park. The head injury made for a stressful week. I was home Tuesday, at work for an hour or so before I had to leave on Wednesday and home Thursday.
The upside of being home today is writing. (I hope.)
Also, I had time to bake a cake for tonight.
The Boy Wonder and Super Girl are home from Sydney briefly, so it's dinner here tonight. Hence, cake.

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