Monday, October 30, 2017

My joy is complete

A lot of you won't understand the joy of realizing my main character can once again use her favorite Star Trek Next Generation quote in the book I'm currently writing, and it's a natural set up, which is perfect.

Made me so happy this morning when it happened.

Also - it's All Saints Eve.
I just smacked a spider off my MacBook - I'm not even kidding. FFS. I don't know where it is or if it survived.

Tomorrow my first boxed set is released. I'm so excited.
Seriously how could I not be?
The cover alone is, well, it's spectacular. Delighted that my publisher thought this would be a good idea. :)


How could anyone not want this?
Get it now!
Of course, there is a new story at the end of the 3 books, which you've never seen, and can only read as part of the boxed set.
Do I know how to spoil you or what? Yes, the answer is yes.

Here's some fun links: ePub
and Universal Amazon link.

Meanwhile, I have a book to write and people to beat. No, hang on. I have a book to write and a word count to overachieve as part of Writers Plot Writers Group.
Competitive much?
At least it's not the hell of Nanowrimo (or as I like to call it Nano-fuck-no) ... but a gentler version designed for our group (by me).

Such fun.

So go buy the boxed set. Can't wait to hear what you all think.

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