Sunday, October 1, 2017

It happened during the night: Metabyte launched!

October the first arrived with sun this morning.

When I looked at Amazon Australia I noticed Metabyte was live.
It's here.
A book you can now read.
There was no fanfare or streamers, it just happened quietly overnight.

It should be more exciting than it is. But this year - it's two launch dates (or three if you count tomorrow ... the other half of the world catches up then).
I'm focused a bit more on the physical launch and the logistics involved there. It's at the busiest time of year but it also works for us. I hope.

Meanwhile ... METABYTE launched.
I feel like I should at least make a cake!
Or cook a fancy meal.
Or do something.

This isn't a small achievement by any means. I know that.
The 9th book.
Who saw that coming?
Not me - is the answer.
Feels really wrong to let its launch slide by with no acknowledgment (even though we will be celebrating properly in December).

So here's a wee video from the Event on my Facebook page.

I'm looking forward to hearing from readers as Metabyte lands on their kindles and they bury themselves in Ellie's world again. Should be interesting. :)
Will finally be nice to be able to talk about the book!

Tomorrow is the second birthday of our bookshop.
That is also quite an achievement.
There is cake for tomorrow.
As long as the Teenager and I can manage the walk to the shop with the cake and Rachel. You all met Cybil, right? She lives in the shop and reads ... well, she has a sister. Another life-sized rag doll. Rachel. And it's time she moved into the shop.
Before that happens Rachel needs surgery. I need to remove her head and reinforce her neck - it's a tad floppy. And there is an eye issue, which needs sorting (she has none). She also needs new hair. I think Rachel is about to become a brunette. Maybe I should fix her crab claw deformed hands as well. Fingers would be nice.
Person sized rag dolls are fun and also very freaking creepy. Nightmare stuff really.

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