Friday, October 20, 2017

44 sleeps

That's right folks, 44 sleeps until My Knight is home.
Can't wait. :)

Time seems to be on fast-forward at the moment, I can't keep up. Another week has flown by without a blog post!

What have I been doing?

All the things!

Making videos ... getting better at making videos, hopefully.
Writing - making some decent progress with Crashbyte. It's got a lot of moving parts so it's not the fastest novel to write but it is fun. Lot of learning and research. So I'm taking regular breaks to let the information sink in. Think it's working.

Decorated the bookshop for Halloween. That was fun.
I'm enjoying to the occassional shrieks of passersby.  hahaha

Planning to release my short story collections and Ellie's poetry across all formats by late January. So that's something coming up.
The book currently known as Array is going to be divided into two books. Which will be interesting.
It's already two books on my Macbook - in ePub, so I'll be withdrawing it from Amazon shortly.

Had some fun with a poem from Soundbyte:

This is the result:

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