Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Things I think about

By now you are all probably aware that the walk to work takes me between 30-40 minutes (depending on my mood, the weather, and morons on the road).

This is my thinking time ... I think about all sorts of crap. Seriously - there's no place my mind doesn't go.

Just this morning I started out (it was sunny so very pleasant) thinking about writing - the next scene in the current WIP and how I haven't really touched the WIP since I arrived home from Perth.
I touched it plenty over there because it's much easier to retain my train of thought without interruptions, also it was warmer than here. I write a helluva lot better when I'm not freezing to death and surrounded by road noise, road works, etc.

Before I'd walked a kilometre I was already thinking about something else. The short story I wrote for inclusion in the next exciting adventure.
It was going to be easy - rip a section from an unpublished book (it will never be published) that I wrote to come after exacerbyte. Because having to take me and Ellie back in time to that period of her life wasn't going to be easy at all - so much has happened since then, so ransacking a book was the smart thing to do, right?

Yeah nah.

So much has happened since then!

Also, that book took the entire story to a different place and ended the series, in one foul swoop. So, taking a section out and using it as a short pretty much required a re-write. So it's a different story to what it started out as. Hopefully better.

It's done now. YAY.

I got to see cover mock ups yesterday. I shared them with my kids. They liked them. I liked them. My publisher is tweaking one a bit and then maybe it'll be the one we go with. Ah, the powers of cryptic blogging.

Other thoughts this morning focused on authors, the shop, so general worky stuff. I did also have a thought about tags and had to ask Siri to remind me to do something. She did. Yay Siri.

Now - I've been putting together review videos. They are super fun. Little bit time consuming though.
There are four now - up in various places. My website and the Writers Plot Readers Read website and my Youtube.

Been a busy day. Getting things done.

Quite looking forward to going home ... the reason is probably a little odd. I know the courier has been and so my new dressing gown is waiting for me!
I left mine in Perth (makes sense really - I needed one there for those cooler mornings anyway), so I figured this time of year dressing gowns would be on sale. I was right. I miss not being able to snuggle into my dressing gown at night and in the morning - so, I'm looking forward to going home. :)

My last thought for you today ... there are definitely people who need to move faster when they're out walking.

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