Monday, September 11, 2017

Some news? Sure, why not?

Some of you know I've been working on some short stories for my publisher (not that short to be honest) but you probably don't know why.

The reason is three boxed sets of my books starting with Vol 1 which will be available for pre-order in a few days. (Everywhere too, not just Amazon, so if you read ePub, keep an eye out)

Each vol has a brand new never before published byte short story at the end. (These stories will not be available anywhere else.)
The first story being 'Lost Highway' - a glimpse at life as lived by a rock star.

So here:

Pretty excited by the cover!
I'm thinking it needs to be a poster and a tee shirt and all the things. :)

No that's not my ass ... but it's been pointed out that it could be. hahaha.

Seriously, considering I'm wearing thermal leggings and three tops tucked in just so I can wear my jeans (with my belt on the tightest notch) and they won't slide off my hips ... yeah, early spring for me means everything hangs off my bones because I burned everything I ate to stay warm over winter.  So my ass needs some padding to look that good!
Such is life.
Granddad told me "You can't fatten a thoroughbred" so, we're going with that. (And daughter number fours jeans, we're going with those as well. By the end of summer I might make it back from an 8 to a 10 ... for you Americans that's a 4 to a fully respectable 6.)

Meanwhile ... pretty cover. Pretty pretty cover. And a new short story (15K in case you were wondering).

Vol 2 should have a cover soon - that'll be for a Christmas/NY release - and yes there is another brand new story for you in it.

Not sure on the release date for Vol 3. I need to write that short yet! That'll be this weeks task.

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