Tuesday, September 19, 2017


And the story was whatever the song was ... ya know, there's something to that. :) And it makes sense my way. (Thanks, Dire Straits)

So ... today. Wow, what a day.

First I was sent a mobi and an ePub version of "The Byte Series Volume One" and it's fucking truly awesome. (French, what french?) and told that it's available for pre-order now. (Freaking everywhere - so get in there.)

Then I got an email from an author I've known a long time (which is why this is so much the sweeter), in fact, we've known each other so long we were both unpublished when we met. (The dark ages dude!) Anyway,  Karen is now this super amazing author (that I knew she was from the beginning) but now the NY Times knows it too.
Long story short?
Okay - Karen read METABYTE for me and liked it and wrote me a blurb. So thrilled and humbled.
And she's amazingly busy and had just launched The Marsh King's Daughter - so I didn't expect her to have time to read for me.

and this arrives:

"Readers who like fast-paced, twisty, clever crime fiction will love Cat Connor's newest FBI thriller METABYTE. I raced through the story at cyber-speed, and when I finished, I knew two things: Special Agent Ellie Iverson is way smarter than me, and she makes connections I can't. For the people she's charged with protecting, those are very good things." -- Karen Dionne, author THE MARSH KING'S DAUGHTER

THEN ...
I finished the third short for the third boxed set. The third short is currently called "I heard it on the grapevine"

So that's three shorts in just over 3 weeks ... a total of 35k and change all up, and each story flowed from my fingers. FLOWED.
Now I remember what that was like - that was how I wrote.

My Knight said to me today, "You've got your writing mojo back" ... he's right. I do. Wasn't aware that it was so obviously missing, but it really was MIA. (For about two years actually.)

And now - it's back.
It's happening.
I'm happy.
I'm writing ... well, I'm happier cos I finished three stories but excited as fuck to get back into writing Crashbyte. 😂🎇😄

And ... it's tequila time!

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