Friday, September 1, 2017

Siri - take a note.

It all turns to chaos in my writing world when the words "Hey Siri - take a note" are not uttered by me on the walk to the bookshop every morning.

Yesterday - they were not spoken.
I thought about the thing I needed to remember to include in the short story (not so short over 15K) before I sent it to my publisher. I thought about where, how, exactly what I was going to say ... then before I uttered the magic words to Siri ... thoughts of noise and roadworks happened. Before I knew it everything else was gone from my conscious mind and I was just focused on what it would be like in the bookshop.
Would it be insufferable?
Would I end up with the third migraine of the week?  Would I be able to stay or would I need to go home to safety?
Thoughts then turned to how I could prevent another migraine.
I then realized it was impossible to prevent one if the road works were right outside again and the noise continued.
All that did was upset me more which I knew was a downward spiral to disaster and would consequently lead to the chewing of codeine like lollies. Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration - no one in their right mind would chew codeine because it's disgusting - vomit inducing disgusting but that's beside the point ... the point is allowing myself to become worked up about a possibility is almost as dangerous as the reality for someone like me with a neurological disorder ... I think I prefer migraine to neurological disorder, it sounds less scary.

The upshot was ... I didn't talk to Siri. I forgot what I needed to add to explain one small thing (which is important) in the story.

I sent it.


It's okay though because I can fix it today (there's no noise at the moment, I believe this is due to the weather?).

This morning, I shall fix the story and send it to another beta reader. My lovely friend Charlie. My very wonderful eldest daughter read the story last night, made a couple of suggestions - and I took care of those. Finding a TV series in 2011 that worked for a description didn't start out that easy until I realized Game of Thrones began in 2011. That was an awesome win.

Once this blog is done - I'll sort the story and re-send it.

I would like to get some video reviews done this weekend. Like the killerbyte and terrorbyte ones you may have seen.

That'll be fun!

Hope you're enjoying the first day of spring.

Also - pick up a copy of Vibrant Hutt and check out the article I wrote on 'The joy of reading'. :)

Vibrant Hutt

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