Thursday, September 28, 2017

Counting down

3 2 days until METABYTE drops onto kindles all over the world!
Exciting stuff.

This morning I sent all the guff required by our wonderful library for the launch promotion - some of you know that despite METABYTE releasing on the 1st of October, that's actually the virtual release. The physical release is Dec 8th ... physical meaning live in person with actual books (she says crossing her fingers).

Here's a video:

Here's another one:

but wait there's more ... well there will be shortly. It's taking a while to upload the first one. The internet in the bookshop is a bit shite today.  Oh, magic! Now there are two. :)

There is one more review video to make but I'll do that later at home where I can do it faster. Sigh. 

Meanwhile ... don't forget to preorder Metabyte, and also ... 
the first boxed set is available for preorder (almost everywhere - it's available in epub and mobi)


You'll find the logline for killerbyte and also the logline for my pal Jose's novel Firefall among that list! 

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