Thursday, September 14, 2017

Adding to the earlier news ... snowballing

Afternoon you lovely lot.

Hope you're all well or at least breathing? Can you do that? Awesome.

So, I'm writing. It's what I do. It's my life.

Working on the third short story for the boxed sets. This one is for Vol 3 (I know, right?), and I can't tell you ANYTHING about the story at all because Metabyte doesn't drop onto your kindles until October 1st and this story happens after Metabyte.  Bear with good people, bear with.🙃  🤣

Anway, I'm loving it. Had no idea the other day what this story would be about so I had a tequila or two and just started writing. Hemingwayed the hell out of it.
I knew Ellie was pissed - that much I could sense before I began.
Well, two three days, and 4000 6000 words (and change) later, I know why. The story is fun (for me to write so hopefully for you to read).

Last night I had the urge to watch Stolen on Netflix (Nick Cage and Mark Valley ... that movie). I was tired and sore, and it just appeared and I went that's me for the evening. Turns out there was more to it than that.
Yes, that's right.
I'd been wondering (in the back of my mind) what this story was going to be called. It's always a song with me. There is no getting around that. It's how it's always been and probably will always be.
This morning I started thinking about it again and all I could think was Credence.
So, I hit Youtube and bang - there it was. My title.

Happy? You betcha.

So anyway, the story continues. It's coming together quite quickly, as did the last two, so that's a bonus.

I thought perhaps you'd all like the link to the first boxed set ... See what I did there?

See below for Credence and the title for Vol 3's short story. Enjoy.

When I get home today I intend to bake cake ... I want cake. Vanilla cake. I understand if you find that boring, but it isn't. I'm actually experimenting with different recipes so I know exactly what I'm doing come December and book launch night. Yeah, it's happening. The 9th byte is launching in Dec here. And online October 1,

It looks like this and you can pre-order it here.

Edited Sept 18:
If you head over to my website there is a competition happening

I am writing - took the weekend off though so that ended my idea of getting this short story finished by today! It's over 7000 words as of four hours ago. Not too shabby. Feels like I'm getting close to the end. (I've been known to be wrong in the past though!)
Meanwhile - enter the competition and listen to credence. 😘😘 

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