Saturday, August 26, 2017

Today's fun -

Well, some of today's fun.

This morning The Teenager, hang on, sorry ... this morning The Adult and I went to watch Grandson Two play his last rugby game of the season. I had to leave at half time but The Adult stayed on and enjoyed the rest of the game.

I went up to the bookshop for our Writing Group. (I believe that requires capital letters because it's so damn awesome.)
We had another new person along today and she fitted right in. (She's a fellow tequila drinker - would be bloody hard not to like her!)
The conversation was, as always, peppered with laughter, a bit of ribbing, and a lot of fun. We discussed writing aspects - focused a bit on our new person. Then read middles. Yeah, that's right - we read from the middle of our work.
Really enjoyable.
So much talent sitting in our bookshop!

Y read a short horror story, we all enjoyed it. I'll never look at sparrows quite the same again. Evil fuckers.

Was suggested we have a Hemingway style meet up at some point (and not by me - if you can believe it!). Just imagine ... talking and writing plus whiskey or tequila (probably both). :)

And that led to this when I got home:

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