Monday, August 7, 2017

This book is not playing nice

The minute I think I know where this is going ... it twists.
Gotta say it's making writing fun but I kinda thought I knew what was what in CRASHBYTE. Apparently, I do not.

That'll teach me for thinking, obviously, there should be more drinking.🍸🍾

For weeks I've been saying to myself "Don't forget Argo."
Yesterday, when I was writing, Argo popped up. Guess I haven't forgotten.
How's that for cryptic writer crap?
Pretty good I thought. :)

Not much news really. I'm still in Perth where it's much warmer than home but I will be heading back to the cold shortly :(.
I've been busy writing (as you can tell), also I've been sewing. Making progress on Christmas presents for the family. Really enjoying it too. Using My Knight's old Singer sewing machine. It was made in 1957, so, it is old. It's also easy to use.

There was a light issue the other day - the cord was frayed and wires bare. Lucky My Knight noticed and spent yesterday morning fixing it. It's now safe again. It even got a new bulb. :)

I want to show you what I've been making - I'm getting there. Last time I checked my Mac wasn't syncing to the cloud so my latest photos weren't available on my Mac. They're available now Blogger is just being a pain in the ass and won't load them. So, no pics! I don't have all day to sit here while it thinks about showing me photos.

Now that it's 2:30 I kinda need breakfast! Been a busy day, and there wasn't enough milk for my Weeties this morning.

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