Saturday, August 12, 2017

The art of writing without procrastination

I don't know a single writer who never procrastinates, we do it for all manner of reasons. Usually, my reasons fall into 'I'm not ready to write that scene yet' or 'I don't want to say goodbye' and sometimes it's 'I can't see the next scene'.

The thing is I do write. I might walk away for a few hours (that tends to help) then come back refreshed and without quite so many images and words clogging my brain.
Makes it easier to see the things I need to see.

Some mornings I'm met with things that actually encourage me and I can't wait to start work for the day.

 Nothing better for an author than seeing that a reader is happy.

This is probably my favorite so far! Not that I want Charlie to burn her dinner but it's awesome that words I wrote are that addictive.

Then I saw a tweet from the Ngaio Marsh Awards and that was pretty cool too - but nothing beats a really involved reader. After all, what's the point writing if no one reads you?

Despite the title - today is going to be a little bit procrastinaty (shut up - I can make up words if I want to).
I dreamt about this story last night (CRASHBYTE), but I know the scene isn't ready for me to write, yet. It needs a bit of time. It actually needs me to wash my hair.
Yes, that sounds odd. The white noise created by my blow-dryer is a very useful thing when my brain is quietly working away on something. :)

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