Wednesday, August 2, 2017

That didn't go the way I expected

I think that could pretty much be my catch phrase when writing ... "That didn't go the way I expected."

Today was a fairly intensive writing day, started later than I thought but once I started I was truly into it. I had a bunch of notes I'd made earlier. I knew exactly where I was in the book and the scene I wanted to write. I could see it.

Or at least I could see the beginning of it.
Ellie and Seamus Kennedy at a roadhouse discussing an unfolding situation.

What I didn't see was where that scene would lead and the ramifications that would follow. Suddenly writing was exciting again. The unknown was back.
I may know how this book ends but I don't know how we get there ... and the way the scene changed my earlier perception this morning proved that I still don't see everything coming. :)

It's good to know I can still surprise myself. Makes writing all the more fun.

As for the rest of the day, well, it involved a rotary cutter, cutting mat, and fusible fleece. Talk about fun!
Had to enlist my Knight's help to draw 30 degree lines on some fusible fleece so I can make something. Now that's done, tomorrow I should be able to go ahead and make the chevron.
But not until after Ellie and Seamus arrive in Mauryville and brief Delta A.

(No, autocorrect I do not want you to alter the name of the town I invented, thanks all the same.)

I can now tell you all that METABYTE will be available for pre-order on Amazon this week. Exciting! It'll ship (or appear as if by magic on your kindle) on October 1st.
The official physical launch is Dec 8th in Upper Hutt at the city library - that'll be an event to remember so if you're in the Wellington Region keep an eye out for details. (Check my Facebook page in late November.)

Right now, it's bedtime.

The varnish fumes are a tad overwhelming. Last day of varnishing, for now, My Knight says, so yay!
My head is not super happy.

Time to go finish reading for a friend and fellow writer.

Hope you're all staying warm and dry.

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