Saturday, August 19, 2017

I'm back ...

Wouldn't go as far as to say I'm awake and fully functioning though - I'm back. The time zone thing takes a few days (a week) of adjustment. Takes considerably longer to get used to being without Geoff for a few months. Long distance has benefits but it is also tough on us.

Feels a bit weird to be home.

Yesterday was a wasted day. So no writing. And I didn't really write on Thursday either because it was my last day in Perth. So packing happened and we went out for lunch, and I didn't want to spend my last day with My Knight, writing.
I think it'll be a few days before I am mentally capable simply due to the time zone adjustment.
The is somewhat irritating - the new book is now progressing nicely - apparently what I needed was uninterrupted comfortable writing time. And that's what I got. Being in Perth for a month enabled me to make good progress and also to fall in love with writing again.

Something else happened writing wise too, my publisher asked if I'd be in favor of some boxed sets of my books. This will be available both in mobi and ePub, with a new cover. Exciting!
That ended up kinda breaking into my writing towards the end of my stay because said Publisher also suggested writing a new short story to go along with the first set.
Luckily I have a LONGER piece of work that I think was intended to come after the 3rd book, it took the story a completely different direction and would've ended the series - makes sense really as I never intended to write a series, but I found the story, and I've gutted it and pulled a piece out of it that I think will work. In the process of finishing the re-write of that now. As soon as my brain is up to it, I'll get back to work on it.
I was also asked to introduce the first volume and each of the three books included, which I did, haven't heard back so I guess what I did was okay.

Other news?
METABYTE is now available for preorder from Amazon. How cool is that?

Wanna see a little bit of what I'm working on?
Thought so ...

Here you go - just remember these are raw words.

This is from Crashbyte:

As we ate I gave thought to how I was going to approach the problems in front of us. This can’t just be on us. The intelligence community must know what’s happening. How could they not? A little orange glow forced its way into my brain. I stamped it out. Even he can’t stop chatter and our community hearing it. Surely.

And this is from the short titled "Lost Highway"

She smiled, apologized for the flash.
“It’s okay,” I muttered with what I hoped was a sweet smile. Rowan pulled me aside. Mrs. Grange carried on walking with Tony and Jemma to the ballroom. 
Ballroom. Because everyone has a ballroom. 
“You almost fell.”
“A flash went off in my face.” I lowered my voice. “What would you have me do? Dance a fucking jig?” 
“What the hell is wrong with you?”
Nothing he can do anything about anyway. There he was right in front of me breathing my air and oozing annoyed concern. I bit back a smile. Annoyed concern. That was a great description.

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