Saturday, July 22, 2017

Winter in Perth


If you didn't figure it out from the Facebook posts or tweets - I'm away at the moment. Happily in Perth with My Knight. It is at least ten degrees warmer than home - total bonus!

I only arrived on Wednesday afternoon so haven't settled into writing yet. Still in catch up mode with My Knight and enjoying being together again. Bliss.

Even though I'm not writing yet, I am starting to think about it and when I do sit down to write it'll go rather well because there are no interruptions and it's warm. Two things I need when I'm working - also music. And the music is great. We listen 6iX Forever Classic on the radio.
Happy days!
Super happy actually.

Listening to the birds outside is pretty cool. Galahs and black cockatoos today. Also the occasional crow. I need to get some crow pictures this time - shouldn't be too hard. :)

Rolling Stones are currently playing on the radio. Could this place be any better?

Miss my kids a little bit this time - but that's because they were so good before I left, and so nice. Probably good to miss them for a bit, to be honest. I know it's good for them to miss me. It's time we all appreciated each other more.

That's right, I'm back! 
 These guys are pretty cool. Big fan of galahs. :)
Fatty on the seed bell, Fatima on the clothes line

Fatima and Fatty

Fatima, Fattie, and possibly their son

red back

Not a fan of these buggers!

My Knight asked if I wanted to see a Redback - I only said yes because I knew he'd sprayed it and it was dying.
I am NOT a spider fan.

Must be almost corona o'clock. :) :)

Oh there was something I wanted to say:

METABYTE will have its physical launch at Upper Hutt City Library on Dec 8th. So, if you're interested in being there to celebrate the 9th novel - save the date. :)

More details will emerge closer to the time. And cake - lots of cake.

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