Friday, July 7, 2017

Expectations vs reality

We made it to another Friday.
Miracle of miracles.

I'm getting a bit tired of Grammarly trying to correct my writing when I'm writing Facebook posts and blogs. It'd be fine if it stuck to the occasional comma and spelling. Does it? No. It does not. It's constantly wanting to mess with how I write.
The red fucking lines are pissing me off.
I write how I write, leave me the fuck alone.
FYI it's wrong and trying to make me sound like a prat.

There's a good chance that my stress levels are exceptionally high. It's not going to take much for me to lose my shit completely. Consider that your one and only warning.

In other news:

I leave in 12 days. TWELVE DAYS.
Just have to get through twelve days then I can relax and sleep and get ALL THE HUGS.
Might even be able to reverse this weight loss thing that's happening because of stress, winter, and the amount of physical exercise I get on a daily basis. My body is pretty much burning everything it gets to stay warm and keep me active. I don't do sedentary - that's not me at all. I've never been able to keep still for any length of time. Also, walking allows me uninterrupted thinking time. Vital for the writer part of me. :)

I have been writing this week. Nice. Very much enjoying it. Although it tends to be short bursts. I'll write in the morning until I start to freeze, it doesn't take long!
I should be able to write while I'm away which will be fantastic.

Meanwhile - it occurred to me, when I was putting out 3 small loads of washing at 7:30 this morning, after feeding all the animals and doing all the other morning things, that I might come home to starving animals, a filthy house, and piles of laundry waiting to be done. It's also doubtful if anyone will get up on time for school or tech, and if breakfast and lunches will be made.
I can do only so much.
And there are only so many frozen sammies and cakes I can leave in the freezer for lunches.
I always leave explicit instructions. I try to get the lazy little fuckers darlings to actually do stuff with me so they know how things are done - but no one ever does. They just say, 'we'll do it when you're gone'. So I guess until I leave the house I am their slave? And they, therefore, take zero responsibility for anything because I'm there doing EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME.
I try and get them to cook while I'm there, so, you know, I know they can and it'd be nice not to have to cook every day when both of them are old enough and should be capable.
No one ever does.
In fact, they look at me like I'm speaking a foreign language. Perhaps I am. Perhaps 'Mum' is a foreign language. It's obviously one they haven't mastered. Thankfully the greyhound has mastered 'Mum' and he understands me when I speak.

I've spent 34 years leading by example when it comes to kids. There is zero excuse for any of my kids to leave rubbish lying around, or have dishes in their rooms, have untidy rooms, leave stuff lying around the living room or house. The problem is, no one notices me doing things except when I pour a tequila, they all notice that!
 I can make one helluva mess sewing but then the fairies come and pack everything away and suck up all the cotton from the floor. Our house is magic but ONLY while I'm there.
The coffee table clears itself. The bench clears itself. The washing basket empties itself. The furniture polishes itself. Beds change their own sheets. Fairies clean the cat box and guinea pig cage and pick up the greyhound poop on the back lawn. Best of all, dinner cooks itself and the oven knows how to make brownies. Seriously, it's fucking incredible.
Freaking magic shit happens in our house.
The main problem is, I don't nag. I allow ample time for things to be done. I ask. I tell. I tell a third time ... and then I get pissed off. And they wonder why. :)
The last ten years have been the worst ten on record.
The absolute worst. The Teenager is super awesome in some regards and so utterly not great in others. The not great shit all involves people. As long as she never has to talk to or deal with people all is well. (And yes that often includes family.)

I suspect she isn't ready for tech. I suspect she'd be better working with her psychologist and counselor for another six months and then trying again. It's just too much pressure for her right now and we didn't get her psychologist onboard early enough. The last thing I want is her getting a student loan and then not being capable of going to tech and ending up with massive debt with no qualification to show for it.

On the plus side, I'm outta here in 12 days and I'm even looking forward to getting up at 3 AM, to get to the airport for my early flight to Auckland, and then the morning flight to Perth. Ah, the joy of 7 hours on a plane with nothing to do but watch movies and nap. :) I'll probably nap. God that sounds amazing. I shall work on my napping while I'm away. I'll have the best teacher ever.

Here's some pics of the beasties - so we can remember them. Best pets ever.

bucky and timmy


Missy and Romeo

because she can

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