Friday, June 9, 2017

You - yes you!

Walking to work was freaking freezing a little chilly this morning.
Not much traffic either which was nice and gave me time to think.
It's okay, don't panic.
Take a breath.

Wanna know what I was thinking about?
Of course, you do.

Listen up.

I've been quite upset over the last few days regarding writing and whether there is any point writing - among other things that are all to do with writing.

I'm entirely over platitudes and little 'hang in there' pep talks by people. It's very easy to tell someone to 'hang in there' when it's not you doing the hanging. (Yep, I'm just gonna leave that there.)

BUT ...  wait for it ...
There is a way that you can actually help.

It's not even to write a review - it's so easy you'll kick yourself when I tell you.

Are You Ready?

What I need from you is this:

If you would share a post of mine from my Facebook page (regarding one of my books) on your timeline or on twitter it would help me hugely.

You don't need to share every post, just one, every now and then.
(Imagine if all of you did that once a month? It'd be HUGE.)

The thing with being a writer is ... we need readers.
And we need our readers to tell other readers about our work.

Will you do that for me, please?

Thank you!

Oh also ... you're awesome.

I see you...

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