Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Devil's in the temple

It's Saturday. It's sunny. It's my day.
I love it when I get an actual day to myself.
Thought I'd take this opportunity to have a wee chat about a disturbing thing among authors.
Not all authors, in fact, I know amazing caring supportive authors who get why we do this and understand we are not competing for readers.
And I know authors who simply cannot grasp that supporting another author is good for everyone - I know authors who are adamant we are in competition with each other ... and I know some who pay lip service to the idea of promoting or being supportive of other authors and do nothing to back those empty words ... and then there are the ones who just ignore everyone else.

This is a tough business at the best of times. It'd be a lot better if there was less bs about competing for readers.

FYI there are readers for everything. Always have been.
Each and every one of us has readers.
Someone who likes my work might not like someone else's ... that's not competition if I wasn't around they still wouldn't like the other.
There are readers who follow series and hang for the next book. There are ones that don't like that sort of commitment and prefer standalone books.
Some don't like first person POV, some only read first person POV.
Then again, there are readers who read everything, not picky at all.
Some don't like swearing, some don't care.
Are you getting it yet?
Some only read romance and narrow it even further by preferring regency.
Some only read SciFi and it has to be akin to Star Trek.
Some readers who enjoy crime might also enjoy a bit romance and be dead keen on SciFi ... I know, your mind just blew.
People read more than one genre.
My bookcases have a predominance of crime BUT there are also classics, literary novels, romance, poetry, Chick Lit, even some Spec Fic, and a large amount of non-fiction.

Imagine for a minute that another author with your publisher writes crime, you write Chick Lit.
How would it hurt you at all to re-tweet some tweets, share some Facebook posts, offer to interview said author on your blog? Or whatever?
Yeah, that's right it doesn't hurt anyone.
In fact, it helps, everyone.
Your followers learn that you're a caring supportive person who is keen to help them find other authors and genres they might like.

I've noticed this via the bookshop too. Authors reluctant to share posts and interrogation interviews when it isn't about them. It's sad.
Smarten up and fly right people.
Can't see a bad side to supporting each other and playing nice.
If you can, feel free to let me know via the comments.

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