Saturday, June 24, 2017

Not leaving on a jet plane - yet

When your airline changes the flights around it can be a bit of a pain in the butt.
A change in flight schedules with AirNZ was bugging me so I did some research because I'll need to know all this at some stage. Very much hoped it would be this coming school holidays but I'm grounded because The Teenager starts tech in the middle of the school holidays and ActorKid is a couple of years off being able to take care of herself all day. 
Also, starting tech is a big deal, so I'm sure The Teenager wants me around when she does.
Research completed. 
To make an 8:15AM Wgtn-Akld flight I'd need to leave home at 5AM. 
Instead of arriving in Perth in the evening I'd be there mid-afternoon. 
Guess leaving home at 5AM isn't so bad.
When we decide when I'm going back over, It'll be a train, bus, plane, bus, plane, Geoff kinda day. :)
A very happy day. 
It's dark and cold at 5AM. 
Oh well, such is life.

Today was Writers Plot writing group.
Fun as always.
Noisy, engaging, sharing. 

I got home and realized I hadn't had a drink since my morning coffee and hadn't eaten breakfast either - it was well past lunch time (didn't have that either) by then.
Some days are like that.
I've now had a cuppa, got tea on but it's not the roast I expected to be cooking, it's, in fact, curried sausages. The roast decided not to thaw, guess that's what we'll have tomorrow night then. :)

Writing wise ... I've done nothing.
I made some notes. I messed around.
I wrote nothing.
But that's okay, because, I said it was. And I'm the boss of me.

Currently, there is a Give-A-Little page running to help Writers Plot Readers Read carry on helping and supporting Kiwi authors (like we do, cos that's our thing). 
To enable that to continue we need to be able to pay the rent and power etc. (It's never easy but we've had 6 mths of road works to contend with so far this year, making things a lot harder than usual.) 
Every little bit helps.
Thank you in advance.

Don't think much else is happening. 
It's winter. It's cold.
I hate both those things.
So while I didn't write, I did knit myself a lovely big warm jersey and another beanie. Productive in other creative ways. Which reminds me that I need to write the pattern down before I forget what I did, kinda made it up as I went.
See? Very like writing. 
Who knew a pantser was a thing in knitting too?
That might just be me though.

Have I mentioned the cold?
Then you'll know not to expect much from me. I do not do well in the cold at all.

Pretty excited to make the shawl/poncho whatsits for me and Caro tomorrow. :)

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