Sunday, May 21, 2017

Winter has come

It's not my favorite season. I truly hate being cold.
So, the beginning of my yearly hell is upon me.

On the plus side of this bitterly cold day - My Knight will be here when I wake up tomorrow. Hooray.
And he will keep me warm for the next few weeks. :)

This weekend was quite busy, to be honest, I was mostly busy watching Longmire on Netflix and wondering why I haven't succumbed to my love of westerns and written one yet. I grew up reading westerns and watching them on TV. It was the era of Bonanza, Iron Horse, The Virginian (still one of my favorite books), High Chapparel, and pretty much all things cowboyish. (Let's not forget the Lone Ranger.)
Longmire ticks all the boxes for me.
I'm loving it.
Managed to get to Season 4 episode 4 in a week, that's not bad going. Binge watching at night and in weekends is definitely the way to go.

Meanwhile, progress is happening in the 10th novel. Involved a bit of research earlier this week and that's always fun. Pretty sure there'll be more to come as I write.
No sense researching beforehand - because I wouldn't know what to research. :) It's a bit hard to research the unknown.

I know I've mentioned before that when I start writing I have a question that needs answering. This time there are a few questions that popped up. But one, in particular, started my fingers tapping.
"Why did Kurt call Ellie early one morning from Rockbridge County?"
Pretty specific question.
Turns out it's just the tip of the iceberg.
Not really a surprise.
I'm almost 10K into this story and it's fun taking Ellie back to Rockbridge. I don't think she thinks so though.

Next weekend I'll be in Greytown at the library doing my second Ngaio Marsh Murder in the Library event. Should be a fun afternoon. Except for the thing where I'm a participant/moderator and microphones hate me.
Come along it'll be hilarious.

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