Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Tuesday in the valley

Tuesday isn't too bad - please excuse any typos though cos one-handed typing is kinda annoying.

Yesterday I finished edits for Metabyte, just a few little things my editor thought needed tweaking. As usual, she was right. It's done!
Yee hah!

Did you notice the new look to the blog? Less dark/grim more bookish.
Eventually, I will do something similar on my website. A slow process at the moment.

Am having a lovely time with My Knight. It's so good having him here. :) So good.

Not getting a lot of writing done but then I can't really today anyway. Have my taniwha story under way. Managed a paragraph one-handed. Go me.

Here's some pics from the weekend in Greytown.
Murder in the Library. Such fun.

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