Tuesday, May 9, 2017

An event, a microphone, 3 writers.

Last night I was at a Murder in the Library event in Lower Hutt.
At the table were me, Tiffany, and Logan. Steph from the Book Council was our host. (Delightful as always!)

Okay, it wasn't last night, it was last week!
Time is moving at a stupid speed and I can't keep up. Obviously.

The event (last week) was fun, it's always fun doing MITL events. Nice that I didn't recognize anyone and that we had a good crowd. Yes, that probably sounds a bit weird, but it's nice to see new faces at these things. :)

My hatred of microphones came to the fore, again. It wouldn't work for me unless I practically deep throated the damn thing. (Didn't even buy me dinner first!)

Surprisingly everyone survived the night. I did shoot out of the venue pretty fast at the end though. I've learned this is the best way. Author events attract loonies, and there is one at every event! I know better than to hang around at the end and chat with people - cos that's when that one will get you. Had the Teenager telling me it was time to go - she wasn't prepared to be loonie bait either. :)

So, since then ...

The shop is shut at the moment (hopefully will be open tomorrow, but that depends on what I find when I get up there ... if they haven't finished the noisy part of the road works, then I'll be coming home again).

I've sent METABYTE back to my editor. After sending out a few copies to some authors pals, then realizing I still wanted to tweak stuff AND there were some odd things going on with extra words or missing words ... so, now, it's kinda okay and hopefully, my editor is pleased.  I'm pleased it's gone. I've had enough of it for now.

We do have a cover, all brand new and sparkly and most importantly with the title spelled right:
How gorgeous is this?
I'm pretty happy with it ... and with the advent of the cover comes the trailer.

No release date yet. Which is probably a good thing.
I'm not ready for that yet. Still thinking about the cake icing and will need a venue (I'll need to talk to my favorite library :)), and I need to know when My Knight will be home.
No idea when that's happening yet.
Everything's up in the air and all I seem to be doing is waiting these days. Such is life.

Meanwhile - I need to get back to writing Crashbyte. Had a fairly big break while occupied by other stuff and now need to remember where I was and what was happening.

I've also just replaced all our cushion covers and you know, that kept me busy for a bit. No more forensic patterns. Now it's all teals and blues with a splash of brightly colored flowers. I like it.

a few of the new cushion covers

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