Thursday, April 6, 2017

Things, writing, and poetry?

It's raining. Not really a fan of rain or cold.
This is the beginning of misery for me.
Winter is coming.

In other news:

Still reading METABYTE - really should get it sent back to my editor but I haven't finished reading yet. 
Slow going.
Not sure why. Just is. 
Really want to get back into CRASHBYTE.

Was talking to Superman yesterday about it being 8 years since KILLERBYTE was released and how I'm planning to wind the series up soon. 

He thought Ellie might like to write some more poems before that happens. :)
So, I guess she will. 
I've got a few of her poems lying around. There are still some no one has seen. Oddly there isn't one in METABYTE, so that's a bit different. 
Might either redo the poetry book to accommodate the new stuff or do a new book. Not decided yet. Have a few other things to do first.

On the way home today there was either a huge explosion in Upper Hutt or a massive air shaking thunder roll. It led to the beginning of a story, I know I'm going to write it. I can even see the scenes unfolding.
Pretty sure it was thunder ... but not in my story. 

Meanwhile, I'm keen to get back to CRASHBYTE ... yeah, really keen. Have I mentioned that yet?

I've been giving character development some thought lately because I've seen some wooden excuses for characters in books recently, they've gone hand in hand with lackluster plots and massive story holes. More and more I realize that not everyone can tell a story. 
Not everyone can weave characters and plots into an entertaining page turner. 
I'm pretty sure anyone could be taught to write, as in, form sentences and construct something that makes sense. 
But what makes for good story telling is knowing what to put in and what to leave out, knowing how to bring a character to life and make the readers want to hang out with the character in the flesh, putting emotion and tension into scenes, and bringing everything together in such a way that it flows seamlessly - taking the reader along on a journey they won't forget with characters they care about, now that is story telling.
On that note, I have reading to do.

Wish you were here
A window through the books
A gap in the glass door
A glimpse of life
Cherry blossoms in the wind
Traffic on the road beyond
Voices from passersby
mingle in my mind
Wish you were here
to share this time
with me
Wish you could see
my books 
upon the shelf.

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