Sunday, April 16, 2017


Sunday rolled around fast!
It's Easter weekend. Today the kids are munching on chocolate bunnies and eggs. Because that's what we do at Easter.
We sure as hell don't celebrate the rise of a zombie.

I'll be away for the next week. Back in Mahau Sound hanging out with Superman. It's relaxing down there. Superman and I will potter about and Breezy will tag along, bouncing around as she does.
It's a place of laughter and joy.
No stress. Akin to the stress-free environment I enjoy in Perth with My Knight, but different, obviously. :)

At this point, I haven't decided if I'm taking my Macbook or not. Guess it depends if I think I'll want to write ... or not. Not sure if Superman has wifi anymore (My Knight set it up for him two years ago but he's since changed provider and I dunno if the wifi was set up again) but I do know he has largely unreliable internet due to the old copper wires they have down there. Infrastructure in the Sounds needs updating big time.

The decision will be made regarding the Mac tomorrow morning.  I'll probably take it. :) It doesn't take up much room.

I am writing at the moment.
Also waiting for the METABYTE cover, still. That's why you haven't seen the trailer yet.
Bear with ...

Working on Crashbyte is fun and beginning to get complicated. Tad slow at the moment because I am persistently interrupted when writing. You all know how I love to be interrupted, right?
Thought so.
Seems some people didn't get that memo.
On the plus side, the internet in the Sounds is crap so that should make things quieter.

Packing needs to be sorted today. Taking longer than I thought. Used to packing to go to Perth where I can happily forget my charger cos Geoff has the same phone, and I have almost everything I need over there. I used to have stuff at Superman's too, but not anymore, so that makes it a bit harder.
Breezy and I are trying to get away with just a backpack each because it's easier when we're taking buses, trains, and a Ferry both ways. Minimalist packing. As long as I remember the Phenergan we should be all good! No one likes windy roads. Oddly we're all good with high seas.

You know what I get tired of?
1. Repeating myself.
2. Not being heard.
3. Repeating myself.
4. Not being heard.

Have I said that already? :)

Think it might be coffee time, so I'll leave you with this, it's a favorite of mine and My Knight is rather fond of it too:

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