Sunday, April 9, 2017

I am like a hurricane

Insider joke that one, sorry, it's rude of me to do that. Yeah, I shrugged. What are ya gonna do?

Moving on.

It's Sunday. It's sunny which makes it a really good Sunday.
I didn't really sleep last night or the night before. Last night was my own fault - my coffee consumption increased during the day and I was still drinking it after tea. So, my bad.
There's also a good chance I'm coming down with a head cold. Time will tell.

So how is everyone?
You'll have to imagine a caring expression and willingness to discover the answer.

I discovered that the virus protection in the PC was disabled. Did not make me happy at all. It's not that I use the PC much, it's that it's a backup. Also, my external backup drive is plugged into it, always.
So, unhappiness abounds.
I installed new software and am running a scan. This could take a while. Painful really, all I wanted to do was check something and access some files.

Tomorrow is KILLERBYTE'S 8th birthday. This week we gave away copies of KILLERBYTE via my Facebook page. Last weekend I created a new trailer for the book. Which was a bit of fun and a helluva lot shorter, punchier, and more entertaining than the original.
Learned a few things over the last 8 years.

This week I also sent METABYTE back to my editor at my publisher. Yay.
Still waiting on the cover so I can finish the trailer for that. Pretty keen to get that sorted, and also, have a release date. Planning needs to happen. Cake decoration needs to happen.
The cake is made, it just needs decorating and I have zero clue how I'm going to do that this time.
It'll come to me. I hope.
Speaking of cake, I should feed it. It requires scotch every month or so.

Easter is coming. Short week for us. I'm looking forward to a break. I am away for a bit, going home to Mahau to see Superman. Can't wait.


“I escaped the confines of the trees and the gnarly branches that poked and scratched me. Keeping to the shadows along the driveway, I waved to the first police car, the phone in my hand. The car stopped beside me and Kevin zapped down the window.
“You all right?”
“Yep.” I pressed the phone to my shoulder, covering the receiver. “He’s got a gun.”
Kevin nodded. The two officers in the car with him already wore Kevlar. He spoke into the radio. Four officers from the car behind walked quietly past me, joined by two officers from Kevin’s car.
“Who’re you talking to?” He indicated the phone in my hand.
“Mac.” I pushed my palm to my forehead in an effort to stop the stinging sensation.
“What’s wrong with your head?” Kevin opened the back passenger door. “Get in.”
“Nothing is wrong with my head. It just stings.” Outwardly, anyway; there was something wrong with me mentally to even be in a situation like this at two-thirty in the morning.

Excerpt From: Cat Connor. “Killerbyte.”

Happy birthday, KILLERBYTE.
Hard to believe it's been 8 years since you hit the shelves.  Even harder to believe that the 9th Byte book will be hitting the shelves in a few months!

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