Saturday, April 1, 2017

Go ahead talk over me ...

Just stuff really - probably stuff you didn't know or don't want to know but tough I wrote it down and now you're reading and curious.
(I can hear Mr. T, can you?)

1. I can't look at anything without seeing an underlying story. It's usually a dark story too. A broken bottle on the pavement has never happened by accident in my head. It's always a weapon that was dropped or someone dropped it while running away from something. (No one runs from anything good.)

2. Overheard partial conversations become parts of stories.  Sometimes one well-delivered word in a TV show spring boards an entire scene in whatever I'm writing at the time.

3. There isn't enough time to write all the stories I have in my head. I can't write fast enough. And I write pretty fast. So I don't need anyone else's ideas, cheers for that. Write your own story!

4. People don't understand what I do or how I do it, so I tend to not talk about what I'm working on - it's easier than watching people glaze over or worse have someone talk over me. I particularly hate people who pretend to listen but are really just waiting to talk and haven't heard a damn thing I've said. Happens more often than you'd think.
Conversations go like this:
Anyone: "How's your day going?"
Me: "Good. Working on edits for the latest book."
Anyone: "Cool, what's it about."
Even though they've already lost interest as evident by their glazed look, I stupidly try to tell the person what it's about.
Me: "There's a bunch of freshly dead formerly deceased agents scattered about and Ellie needs to find out who killed them and why."
Without a pause, their latest work story/epic weekend adventure/funny thing the dog did, is trotted out. It's like no words left my mouth at all.
But it's not as rude as the ones who actually TALK WHILE I AM TALKING.
Am I invisible? Am I? Feels like it.
It's fucking very rude. Knock it off.

5. I need time without interruptions to work and if I'm being interrupted by someone yapping at me and demanding my attention it completely destroys my creative flow. I can't just stop in the middle of a scene and be expected to pick it up when they're done bleating. It's disrespectful and lets me know how little I'm valued as a person.
If I don't answer a text during the day, don't fucking jolly well call my cell ... if I didn't answer then maybe I'm busy.
There are two reason's to call my cell phone during the day:
1 - Dire emergency (we're talking actual disaster, with blood, carnage, and horror).
2 - You are My Knight.

Imagine how annoying it would be if you were working and someone kept ringing you.
Yeah. That's right, It's the SAME for me.

6. Writing uses a lot of energy. (Probably why writers drink a lot of coffee and eat a lot of chocolate). It can be really tiring especially if the scenes have a lot of emotion or action. Sometimes it's how a book ends that is rather traumatic. Quite often I'd like to decompress and have some fun after scenes or endings like that. Usually, that's not a thing that happens so I suck it up and carry on.
One day I'll explode in a ball of rage and people will mutter about how it's always the quiet ones and what a good neighbor I was. And the few people that actually know me will laugh and say she was far from quiet and mocked her neighbors unmercifully.

7. Writing is isolating. It's hard living in another world and not being able to explain that to people and have them get it. But it's also a lot of fun and it's going to be very hard for me to say goodbye to these characters when the time comes, and it is coming. However much I like the idea of moving on to new characters and new adventures it's going to be very hard to do that.
I created a fantastic bunch of friends, just wish they could jump off the page and hang out.

8. Removed. Because it was self-indulgent bs - shut up, you have no idea. 

9. If I didn't have the Writers Group every 3rd Saturday I'd never talk to anyone about writing but even then I don't tend to talk, I do a lot of listening because it's very rarely about me.

10. Today was an okay day until the thing I was most looking forward to and excited about got postponed indefinitely and now it's just shit. Total shit. :(

11. I really like Netflix - so at least there's that distraction.

12. And Yvonne sent me links to trailers for comedies on Netflix that I'm definitely checking out, right now.

13. This cartoon is actually relevant to Metabyte but only two other people in the world right now will find it funny for the same reason I do.
One of them, my editor, shared the cartoon on my Facebook page for me to see.
The other is my very awesome eldest daughter.

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