Monday, April 24, 2017

Autumn happenings

I started this the other day and got as far as nothing.
Uh huh.
I had a title.
Guess I got interrupted? Nothing unusual in that.

So, yesterday I had a day to myself. I didn't answer emails or texts or the door. Was fantastic. I think I should do it more often.
I got stuff done at home.
I. Got. Stuff. Done.

This morning I wrote just over 3000 words. Working on CRASHBYTE, which as you know is the 10th-byte novel. Yes, you did know that. No need to look surprised or look questioningly at your housemate. You were aware.

A funny thing happened when I started chapter 5 of Crashbyte. Funny as in, didn't see that coming not funny ha ha.
So anyway, this thing that happened ... I realized as I heard Ellie start to tell Squirrel, Moose, and Kurt a story, that it's time more was known about Director O'Hare and her very interesting past.
In METABYTE you'll find out a bit about her, but this is the deep past, stuff that is wondered about in private but no one's brave enough to talk about it out loud or to ask questions.
Maybe the truth is stranger than fiction in this case?

Not sure how strange it is, to be honest, but it's plenty scary and in light of the events that led to Ellie telling part of her team the story of Cait O'Hare, it may have some relevance. We don't know yet. There's more than one person with an ax to grind when it comes to Cait O'Hare. Personally, I wouldn't be looking too far past the end of the boardroom table, but, I might be naturally suspicious?

Now for something completely different.
Any of you seen the Netflix series Grace and Frankie?
If not, go watch it, seriously. Super funny and heartfelt and I love it. I'm watching Season 3 at the moment.
It would be hard not to love this particular cast of characters, they rock. They really do. How could Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin not?

It's a helluva lot more fun than the news is these days. We have two petulant children with nuclear capability disguised as leaders, this is not ideal and I can't see a good outcome.

So, Grace and Frankie, it is. :)

Tomorrow is ANZAC day.
Lest we forget.

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