Friday, March 17, 2017

Time got away on me again ...

I had intended to write a post a few days ago ... but you know, time disappears ever so fast.

So, here we are.
Friday night.

I've done a bit of writing this week. Not the writing I was hoping to be doing but writing. I'm also editing for a friend.
That's interesting.
I'm suspecting it's horrific for the other party though.

I've come to realize, there are people who overthink everything.
Backstory? If it doesn't impact on the story, who cares? Not me. I don't need to know anything about the characters backstory, families, whatever unless it's vital to the scene/story and if that's the case it should be worked in skillfully, so we learn things but aren't slapped upside the head by them.
You see, it's not necessary for me to know the entire family background of all the characters to write a story.
That's not how I work. I like things to emerge slowly as I'm writing, if I need to know something it'll turn up in the words on the page. The characters will tell me. It'll be okay. I trust them and they trust me.

Your character could be a seventy year old woman who knits afghans for an animal shelter while listening to a professor drone on about quantum physics but unless that's some how relevant to the story, I have zero interest.

Oh dear now look what you've done ...

Mabel gathered the yarns she'd need for the afghan and slid her favorite steel knitting needles into her bag. A quick check of the time told her she'd better hurry if she wanted to hear the beginning of the lecture.
Quantum Physics lectures are vastly improved by knitting. The soothing clack clack of the needles helped her concentrate.
A smile crossed her wrinkled lips. Too old to go back to school? How many times did her kids try that one? She pulled the door shut behind her. Seventy is the new fifty. Everyone knows that.
Mabel took usual seat at the back of the lecture hall and took out her knitting. She was a five rows into the first square before the whispers and chit chat from other students stopped.
Professor Philips walked in. A metallic clicking grew louder. He looked right at Mabel then walked up the center of the hall until he was level with her seat.
"This is the last time I will tell you this Mabel. No knitting in class. The noise is distracting." He pursed his lips and turned to make his way back to the lectern.
And then the murders started.


What else have I been doing?

Hounding libraries about having my books.
Long story.
Let's just say I did some poking around and found out exactly which libraries have my books and leave it at that, shall we?

This isn't a writing group weekend, or an anything weekend. So, I'm going to sew. Sure fire sign that autumn is here. Would be hard to know that today though. Super sunny and very warm.

Lawns are mowed - I got out there after work, because walking 4km carrying a heavy backpack wasn't enough exercise. :)
Vacuuming done - by The Teenager.
Washing is in and folded.
All the major things knocked off the list so my weekend is clear.
Clever. That's right. Up here for thinking, down there for dancing. :)
Tomorrow I am FREE. I shall fiddle with a pattern and then find somewhere to cut fabric, without the cat and dog helping!

Right now I'm going to watch B&B with My Knight.

Be good xx

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