Monday, March 6, 2017

And so the week begins.

It's Monday.
I wasn't ready for it to be Monday. The weekend was busier than expected and more taxing physically than it needed to be.

Because of this:

When I moved the my huge corner desk out of the kitchen (large kitchen) and back into the far corner of the living room I put it facing the corner - which meant it covered the fibre box on the wall - which meant I couldn't see the lights anymore - which meant this morning when I woke up and had no internet - the desk had to move.
I am an idiot!
So, while I was on hold I started the process of moving the desk. Under the desk is pretty much used as storage - because the desk is HUGE.
This was not a quick process.
Half way through I spoke to a tech. The problem was solved. I didn't need to move the desk. The desk is HUGE.
The cat - because she's an evil being from hell had turned the Wifi off. She can do this because she's an evil being from hell.
Remember the HUGE desk?
Well at this point it's been pulled out from the corner and I'm half way into turning it around.
There's no going back.
It's like a wall. It's HUGE.
To complete the move I have to move the large blue leather armchair, two book cases (they're not HUGE but they are heavy), the desk mobile drawers, the HUGE blue leather couch, the solid (and yes large) coffee table. Another bookcase, the stereo, another set of mobile drawers, the couch again, then drag the HUGE desk so it now faces into the living room.
Good time to vacuum those pesky corners and so forth too.
Then I put everything in new places. So, you know, it's tidy, and the HUGE desk is usable.
Now, as I drink my coffee (which I hadn't had yet because of the Evil Being from Hell otherwise known as Missy the Fat Grey Cat and the chain of events I've already detailed) I realize that I may have caused myself some pain and if I don't mow the lawn this morning it'll be too late - I probably won't be able to move.
There is a lesson here.
I will probably never learn it.
Last time I manhandled my HUGE desk by myself I sprained my neck. Don't even ask.
It can happen.
I never knew.

So you see ... the weekend was more physical than I intended and not in a fun way. After I moved the entire lounge round, I made a giant chocolate cake and I mowed the lawns. (The lawns are huge.)
Then I walked up to the pharmacy for Advil.
Seemed smart.

I have a very sore left elbow today and little motivation to do anything much.

So far this morning I've written about 100 words in the current ms. If you've been paying attention over the last few weeks you'll know that that ms is called CRASHBYTE and it's the 10th byte novel. (It's tremendous.)

Also, this weekend, I saw the proof cover art for METABYTE.
And I noticed right away that my title was misspelt as MEGABYTE.
It was huge.
It was right in the middle of the book cover in HUGE white letters.
Brains being what they are, everyone expected to see it say METABYTE and I was the only one who noticed it didn't. :)
The difference between the T and the G - it's HUGE.
So, the choice was made. I love the cover for METABYTE, and it'll be even more terrific when it says METABYTE. :) :)

Next week the novel writing course starts. I'm excited about that. I'll be more excited once we have set numbers.

This coming Saturday is our writing group. That'll be fun, as always, but between now and then there stretches a long week. During which we could do with a LOT of sales.

PS: I will stop channelling the Cheeto Overlord eventually, but for now it's kinda fun.

So much blue and orange ... but METABYTE is not blue or orange ... and it's stunning!

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