Friday, March 10, 2017

Actions speak louder than words

Frequently I am reminded there are people who do little but talk about what they want to do. That's great IF the end result is a plan of action and the next step is action.
If, however, all that follows is more hot air - then what is the point?

I see it often. I hear it all the time.

Not just from people who 'want to write a book' but everywhere.

There are doers and there are talkers.

I'm more doer than a talker, so is My Knight. We'll think about something, tell each other about it, then do it.

Years ago I wanted to write a book because I couldn't find one I wanted to read ... so I wrote a couple of books. Those first books took an extraordinary amount of time - because I had no idea what I was doing, I just wrote, and wrote, and re-wrote until I was semi-happy with my stories.

But the thing here is ... I didn't talk about it. I did it. I got stuck in and learned by trial and error (mostly). I then learned that I should keep writing if I wanted to get better and I did. (The evidence is KILLERBYTE - and no, it's not my first book.)
At no time have I said "I want to write a book" probably because I wrote (and still write) to entertain myself, who cares if I want to write a book? No one.
An idea emerges, I write.
I didn't tell anyone I wanted to write a book (way back when) I had a notebook and a pen and just did it.

What would the point be of talking about something constantly and doing nothing toward the end goal? How does that complete a task? How does that give a sense of achievement?

I guess I don't understand that type of person.

When I have the urge to sew - I get fabric, draw a pattern, create whatever it is I wanted.
When the need to bake arises -  I hit the kitchen like a whirlwind.
When the urge to embroider hits me - I pick up a needle, find my cottons, and get on with it, same with knitting. (Which is why My Knight has 3 black sleeveless vests and one flasher grey sleeveless vest. I was perfecting the pattern I wrote. The grey one is the best one, so from now on I'll use that pattern.)
It's the same with everything - I'll think about it, plan it in my head, then do it. I enjoy the sense of completion from finishing things. Be that a short story, a novel, a jersey, or filling the tins so the kids have home baking to snack on.

It frustrates me when I come across people with plans up the wazoo but nothing accomplished toward their goal except the hot air they continually expend.
It's the same with those people who have ideas in all directions but don't seem to be able to narrow in on a single thread and just get that done.
For Gods Sake ... focus.
Do something.
Stop talking.
Do something.
Stop going on and on about how you have everything else to do ... guess what?
We all do.
We all have other things that distract, occupy, and otherwise interfere with our precious time.
If I waited for time to write I'd never write.
If I waited for time to do any of the things I want/need/enjoy doing ... I would never do anything because there is never any time.
When something is important to you, you MAKE time.
When you want to accomplish something, you make time.
I hear all the reasons why someone can't do something. I do hear it. But I also know that a lot can be accomplished by doing a little bit at a time.
I'm not suggesting that those who want to write a book sit down and write 100,000 words all at once.
I am suggesting setting aside time every day to write toward that goal.

Currently I'm making time for Reign. :) I'm loving the series. LOVING it.
It's something we're watching as a family. Me and the girls.
I could, of course, not watch Reign with my girls and spend that time writing.
Or I could not talk to My Knight every night at 9:30 until I pretty much fall asleep ... and write.
You know what?
I don't need to, because I have written. I have completed novel after novel. (9 BYTE novels to date)
I KNOW I can complete this last Byte novel in the allotted time frame and do other things.

You also won't hear me talking much about the guts of the novel (as usual) because I prefer to do than talk. Also - who the hell would I talk to about it?
I gave up years ago talking to any of my friends about what I do or my plot threads or how something might work within the story frame.
1. They're not writers.
2. Some of them (my Admins) understand how I work and just let me get on with it, knowing that I will eventually emerge with a completed book. If I really need help I know they're there and they'll both provide thoughtful considered advice. (Or sometimes we just need booze.)
3. No one is interested in what I do until there is cake involved and something to celebrate.


Right now I'm reading for a friend. It's a Byte tie in novel. That's right people - you're in for a treat, soon.

But today - I'm sick of this cold and feeling like shit and about to go back to bed. The Teenager has gone to the shop for me. She had a choice - stay here and CLEAN the bathroom etc or go to the shop. She chose the shop.

I'll leave you with this: The sense of accomplishment from FINISHING something can never be taken away.

Here's a few endings;




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