Sunday, January 15, 2017

Writing because that's what writers do.

Morning world,

A few days ago I realized the next byte book was looming. I could tell by the sense of foreboding hanging in the air. (Am I kidding? I think not.)

Metabyte was going to be the last book but mid-way through the writing I was convinced to make the tenth book the last. So, now, I'm writing the tenth.

First page heralds disaster for Delta A and I just KNOW it's not going to get any better. When you've pretty much killed a long standing character (not a main character) by page two there really isn't a lot of hope for a happy ever after kinda story.
Not that I write 'happy ever after' endings anyway.
Maybe one day.
Don't get me wrong the endings aren't always doom, gloom, and violence ... often they're happy but you just know it won't stay that way.

So this book. Crashbyte.
If you think about the word crash and consider some of it's meanings:

done rapidly or urgently and involving a concentrated effort.

transitive verb
to break violently and noisily :  smash
to force (as one's way) through with loud crashing noises
to enter or attend without invitation or without paying
to cause (a computer system, component, or program) to crash

intransitive verb
to break or go to pieces with or as if with violence and noise
of a computer system, component, or program :  to suffer a sudden major failure usually with attendant loss of data
to move or force one's way with or as if with a crash

Therein lie several clues to the story within Crashbyte.
I know it's going to be fun to write, it already is fun. This time (like databyte) a logline appeared and bounced around within my skull for a day or so before I wrote the first sentence.
The title arrived fairly rapidly too, unusual really.

So, I'm writing. I saw the end about 18 months ago - so I know how part of the story ends - just not what leads to it or how the rest of it ends. Excited to get into it and follow the threads and images in my head.
Such fun!

But that's not today. Right now I need to go get ready to go out for lunch.

and finish my coffee. :)

galahs in the backyard

more galahs :)

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