Friday, January 27, 2017

I am writing.

I am.

I'm working on two things currently - in an effort NOT to write the taniwha story I need to write for a monster anthology. Well, that's what it feels like anyway.
The taniwha short is floating around in my head trying to be something, I know kinda what it looks like and what it wants to be but I'm not ready to write it yet.

While I let that simmer (or percolate) I'm writing CRASHBYTE and quite enjoying playing in Ellie's world in what I believe is the last full length Byte novel.
I'm also writing a screenplay based (albeit loosely) on SNAKEBYTE. Now that is fun. Bringing Delta A to life - huge fun. Subtext freaked me out at first but then I realized something it's much easier to show subtext through live characters than write it in a novel. :)

No idea when METABYTE will be released. Haven't seen a cover at all yet either - but that'll turn up eventually. :)
Quite excited to see METABYTE as an actual book. Fun story despite the gut wrenching sad that happens.
We've had the first round of edits so that's progress toward the release day. Also - I have the launch cake already sitting in the cupboard, it'll need more whiskey soon. Nice that I don't have to make that later this year, all I have to do is figure out what I want the icing to look like. I still have my bespoke Ellie Conway (made from royal icing) from the PSYCHOBYTE cake so I could reuse her. We'll see. I have time to think of the possibilities and work out how to make it happen.

School goes back next week. Looking forward to it. Might have to bake at some stage so Breezy has something for her lunch box! Keep thinking I'll bake and then I get home from work and mow lawns, or have to go do something, or am too damn tired before tea to bake and after tea I just can't be stuffed. Maybe I should bring back baking Sunday.

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