Sunday, December 4, 2016

Yes I'm doing it again ...

Holy crap ... two blog posts in a week.

Right before I clicked 'new post' I had an idea for a new post and now it's wandered off into the ether or that cobwebby corner of my mind where stuff goes and lurks until I sweep it out.
So sweep I shall.
Bear with.

The last writing group meeting for the year was yesterday. It was fun. It has also made me realize we need more space. People are hearing about us and wanting to come along. That's a good thing. Space is definitely an issue though. I'll think about it over Christmas. We're not meeting again until Jan 28th. (I'm away most of January with my Knight.)

Oh right ... I got it now.

Writing related stuff:

I signed the contract for Metabyte yesterday. So it's officially the next byte book to come from Rebel ePublishers. That's pretty exciting. My 9th book contract.
I may not suck as much as I think I do. :)

Metabyte: FBI Agent Ellie Iverson must unravel enigmatic clues and codes from a missing colleague and her abducted brother-in-law to find a killer and stop a trail of fresh corpses from long dead agents being left in bloodied garages across Northern Virginia. 
- the dead should stay dead.

I was pretty freaking delighted to write The End on this puppy, I can tell you. So happy to finally get there but kinda gutted at the same time. Never easy saying goodbye to a big project and even tougher when you have to say goodbye to a character.

On Dec 17th I will finally celebrate the end of this book with tequila and friends and most importantly The Knight. It's a End of book/Birthday/Christmas thing. Until then it still kinda feels unfinished - despite the signing of the contract and the writing of The End. So looking forward to sending Delta A off in style and also being able to enjoy the achievement. Nine novels so far in this series is not exactly a small effort! 

Breezy showed me something very cool that I can do on my Macbook so when it came time to write the last few words I recorded it:

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