Saturday, December 31, 2016

Leaving on a Jet Plane ...


Hope you all had a safe and awesome Christmas or whatever it is you celebrate.
We're on the way to 2017 ... and I think we all can agree that David Bowie started a mass exodus of awesome people this year, maybe he wanted company, maybe their time was up. Guess we won't know until we eventually join them.

I managed to fit in the first round of edits for METABYTE pre-Christmas and over the last few days. Sent the manuscript back to my editor at my publishers today. Done. Gone. Hopefully I'll have a few weeks to enjoy my holiday without having to think about METABYTE now.

Cooked a roast tonight. Piggy. Delicious.
Thought it'd be nice to do a bit of cooking before I leave.
Very much looking forward to NOT cooking and zero whining about food.
Definitely due some kid free time.

FYI yes we did have a 5.5 quake here on Thursday. No we didn't notice it. I think we were the only people in Wellington to miss it. The aftershocks of the big Nov quake continue and to be honest I've only noticed about 3. So there ya go.

We have a kid free day today, not sure what we're doing but it'll be leisurely and enjoyable. At some point I need to do groceries because the kids will probably want to eat even though I'm not here to cook. (I can imagine it'll be easy stuff, so, with that in mind ... I shall grocery shop.)

It's now New Years Eve ... wonder who'll make it to midnight.

Weather is supposed to turn to shite tomorrow - typical. We're taking the kids to Staglands. Kinda wanted to go on a fine day. Last time it was raining. (Think nice weather might be pushing it for NZ this summer!)
I'm focusing on the 38 degrees we'll be flying into on Tuesday. Such joy. Hotter the better. (As long as it doesn't involve humidity!)

That's about all from me ... except ... I was going through some outtake files this morning and I thought I'd drop an outtake in here. If you think you know which book this was originally from email me at with your answer in the subject field and I'll send you a kindle of whichever Byte book you'd like.

Happy New Year!
PS: You have until January 19th to figure out which book this was in and email me.

Raw words from an outtake:

“Okay, you do that.” The edge of my vision developed a silvery glow. Fighting it took energy, more energy than I had. “I’m going back to the car.”
As I turned, everything in front of me disappeared, leaving light fog and no clear path. Two words tumbled over the gray and fell at my feet. They could’ve come from me.
“Not good.”
Another word pushed the first two out of the way.
I held up my hand. The gray wobbled. Lightning flashed. Mitch’s face flew into view inside my head and settled. A green button and red button glowed underneath his image. Unaware whether my hand really moved or not, I tapped the green button letting him into my consciousness.
Kurt broke through before Mitch could talk to me.
My eyes closed. Mitch spoke. “Answer Kurt, El.”
No words came. Thoughts smashed into the static image of Mitch and slithered down the screen. All of a sudden he wasn’t static. His hand reached out and took mine.
It took me a few minutes to get my bearings once my eyes opened. I was in Kurt’s car. He was behind the wheel, turned toward me. His arm on the back of my seat.
“Welcome back,” he said. “You all right?”
“I think so.”
“Any pain?”
“What was that?” His eyes never left mine. “Walk me through what happened.”
I searched for words that wouldn’t set off alarms. There were none. Dammit. Opening my mouth would start a storm.
Mitch spoke clearly in my head, “Just say it, El. Not saying anything is just as bad.”
Just say it.
“I felt I was going to pass out. The ‘edges of my world started to glow’ thing happened,” I said.
Kurt nodded. “You did pass out.”
Imagine that.
“This worries me. You sure you have no pain?”
“Yep, I’m positive. I don’t think it was a migraine … pretty sure it was nothing more than lack of sleep,” I said, hoping my voice conveyed the insignificance of what’d happened.
“Nor do I. Could’ve been a seizure.”
“A what now?” I shook my head. “No. NO!”
No. That thought was enough to unhinge me. I sure as hell wasn’t going to tell him about the lightning flashes in my head or seeing a phone screen that allowed Mitch access to my mind.
“Conway …”
My heart pounded as agitation built to a crescendo.
“Chill. Relax,” Kurt said, dropping his voice and adopting a calm tone. “Tell me what you think happened.”
Best I keep my mouth shut regarding what’s going on.
“I fainted. There’s nothing else to it.”
“Since when has that been a thing you do?”
“I haven’t slept for a few days. I’m run down, and that’s all.”
Kurt narrowed his eyes, a frown creased his forehead. He wasn’t buying it.
“I want you in for a proper check-up before you leave on your honeymoon.”
That wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been. He didn’t say MRI or CAT scan.
“Can we get this case sorted first, please?”
Kurt nodded. “Anything else happens, Conway, and I want to know, got it?”
I agreed to shut him up. If say the words I can hear in my head, life will change on a dime. I sank back into the seat.
What was I afraid of? So many things.
Being treated differently. Not being me anymore. The legacy from my mother. My own failings surfaced. What if I got it wrong again? A phone screen lit up in my mind. Mitch. Instead of the green icon I tapped the red one. We needed to talk but not yet. I required more time to find the words and understand the implications of my choices.
“Conway, you all right?” Kurt tapped my upper arm. “You with me?”
I tried to jam a smile onto my face, but it wouldn’t stick. “Yes.” Before I could stop them, less than comforting words fell from my mouth. “What were we doing before I passed out?”
Kurt fired up the engine.
“We’ve got a couple of car thieves to process. You thought one of them knows something about our killer.”
Sounds pretty clever of me. Chance sauntered into view and winked at me. Ah, he knew and told me.
“Now what?” I asked.
“We’re going back to the previous crime scenes and checking out vehicles owned by the victims. Stickers. Remember?”
Sure, let’s say I remember.
“I remember. Let’s do this thing.”

Copyright Cat Connor 2016

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