Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Here's Freddy ...

Evening ... come and meet Freddy, he's the worm who lives in the Mezcal bottle I got from NZ Secret Santa.
Unlike some people I don't make it too hard. :)


Everybody wave to Freddy.

So, it's Dec 21st.
Christmas is looming.

The Knight flew off to Christchurch today for his Mum's birthday tomorrow (Happy Birthday Auntie Myra - there are some habits that die hard!) and to spend Christmas with his mum and brothers. Howdy boys ... every time I hear Mae West, yeah, it's not just Ellie that does that.

Tonight has involved tequila. Nothing new there.

I'm sitting in my room listening to Bon Jovi's new album (This house is not for sale), having a quiet drink (quiet because for once there isn't a child annoying me), and reading Metabyte. First round of edits are done (mostly), so I'm reading.
Kinda nice really.

Have a couple of questions in mind as I read. Just to make sure I did get everything my editor noted.

I'll finish reading tomorrow - unless tomorrow gets busy like today. :)

Superman arrives sometime tomorrow afternoon. Very much looking forward to his arrival. And love that he's here for Christmas.

So, today, had a poet come into the shop to get a book (I know, right? A bookshop ... that sells books ... un-fucking-believable). Anyway, I had a chat with her about the industry, about literary wanking (you ALL know my views on that!) ... and I gave her some advice on dealing with pompous gits and trolls in general. And guess what? She left with a SMILE. A real honest to God smile.
I think I made a difference.
That's all kinds of cool.
Made me all kinds of happy. :)

We're coming up fast on the time of year when I post my Christmas Poem ... but I gotta say, I'm just not feeling it.
Stabbing people may not be my thing any more. Just saying.
Make of it what you will.
It might be time for a new Christmas poem.
We'll see.
A derisive laugh may have left my lips.

Also we have family news.
Daughter #2 gave birth to baby Lilith on Saturday. Lily will be in NICU for a few months (probably) as she arrived well undercooked and weighing a mere 2 pounds 2 ounces. But, and this is BIG ... mum and baby are well.

Oh you know how my last post was about Ellie making different decisions and taking a different path?
Wanna see some raw words PRE- byte series?
Now what's special about these words? The point of view and also Ellie is involved and this was written before the byte series kicked off. This is from one of the four books pre-byte series staring Cait O'Hare. So the Sean in this is her brother. Both those characters appear in the Byte books.
I don't even remember how Ellie ended up being involved but I suspect it was after Killerbyte and before Terrorbyte, while I was finishing off the last Cait O'Hare book. (These are Very Raw Words!)

Brian sat at the computer and put on the head set. He wore one gun in a holster at his hip, and put the other at the right side of the keyboard.
Sean put his head set back on, then put on the night vision goggles, adjusting them to be more comfortable. He couldn’t turn them on until he was outside; the lights in the house would blind him. Sean pulled his Beretta out of his waistband and released the safety. 
“You look like something from a b-grade sci-fi movie,” Brian muttered.
“Ain’t it cool?”
“If you say so.”
“I’m going out through the back door. Turn the alarms and security lighting off.” Sean smiled slightly then disappeared. 
He disappeared into the night. Ten minutes later the camera by the road triggered. Brian asked Sean where he was.
“Out back,” he replied, “checking the garages.”
“We have activity by the road.”
“What can you see?”
“A person approaching, can’t tell gender,” Brian replied, “The person is using a flashlight.”
Sean’s breathing became ragged, stones crunched under foot. “I’m on my way.” 
Brian watched him cross form camera to camera, as he ran toward the driveway. 
Brian heard Sean’s phone jangle over the microphone and listened as he spoke to the caller. 
“Conway, where are you?”
“Walking up your driveway, it would be a bad idea to shoot me.”
Sean’s voice rasped, “That it would. You see anyone?”
“Switch off your flashlight,” Sean ordered. 
Ellie did as requested.

Brian watched, they were both still talking into cell phones as they approached each other. It amused him, but in all fairness to Conway, she wasn’t wearing night vision equipment and was now walking in pitch dark.

I may not be back before Christmas ... so, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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